Louie Morelli’s Mistress by Patricia Bellomo

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Louie Morelli’s Mistress by Patricia BellomoLouie Morelli's Mistress by Patricia Bellomo
Format: eARC
Published by Libreria Publications Source: Netgalley
Genres: Fiction, General, Thrillers
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New Orleans Realtor, Robert Fontenay, sells a house to Mercedes Glapion. But Mercedes is no ordinary client. She's drop dead gorgeous, owns a voodoo shop in the Quarter, and is the mistress of crime boss, Louie Morelli. Robert is engaged to be married, but within days of meeting Mercedes, he's hooked. Sleeping with Louie's girl is dangerous, but Robert is too infatuated to care. And when he meets Mercedes and Louie's precocious tot, Ceci, there is an instant connection that draws him deeper into their world. After watching Mercedes spike the drink of crooked congressman, Ben Wallace, Robert becomes an unwitting witness to a crime when Wallace drops dead, supposedly of a massive heart attack. Investigating FBI agents aren't fooled, and they zero in on Robert. He is expected to spy on his lover, but Louie is one step ahead of the Feds, and he makes Robert an offer he can't refuse. Caught between mob and FBI, Robert is plunged into New Orleans's gritty underworld. Lines between good and evil blur as Robert struggles with his passion for Mercedes, his conscience, and his growing admiration for Louie. When the Feds turn up the heat, and bullets start flying, Robert realizes the only person he can trust is Louie. But trusting the enigmatic mobster is dangerous, and it's not too long before Robert becomes embroiled in a horrific crime.

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I love a good mystery, something that pulls me in and takes me along for an exciting ride, while I try to figure out what surprise is lurking around the next corner. This book sounded really interesting to me, but unfortunately it just didn’t pan out all the way for me.

The book doesn’t start off too bad, it kept my interested for the most part, but as time went on the book started to drag more and more and before I knew it, I found myself putting the book down for longer and longer periods of time. For me it just felt like it took too long for things to progress, or maybe the author just had things dragging a little bit within the prose itself, but either way it starting to slow down considerably.

I also had a couple of issues with the characters as well. With Mercedes, she was a bit to self-centered for me. I really wanted to like her, I tried a lot, and at the beginning I liked her more than as the story continued. I think another part of the problem with Mercedes was that she didn’t have enough depth, she was mostly concerned with getting laid, and not so much anything else.

For as much as I didn’t really enjoy Mercedes, I enjoyed Robert even less. He really was a bit on the spineless side. He didn’t really ever stand up for himself, he didn’t assert himself, and generally let people walk all over him. For me personally, I need my characters to have a bit more depth and a bit more strong.

I really wish I had more to say about this book, but for me it just fell really short. I don’t think I could recommend this book.
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About Patricia Bellomo

Patricia Bellomo shares her characters’ love of fine dining and south Florida sun as a freelance writer who resides in Michigan and winters in Delray Beach, Florida. She lives outside of Detroit with her husband, Vince, and her Bichon-Frise and is currently at work on her second novel.

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