Faerie by Delle Jacobs

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Faerie by Delle JacobsFaerie by Delle Jacobs
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Genres: Fiction, Paranormal, Romance
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Leonie of Bosewood is a halfling, caught between the Faerie and human worlds yet belonging in neither. She does her best to hide her magical abilities, mindful that being different in medieval England is tantamount to death. But her untamed spirit and wild beauty are like a beacon to the one man whose attention could expose her…

Philippe le Peregrine has devoted his life to the crown, his strength and courage winning him the king’s gratitude. In return he asks but one indulgence: never to be forced to take a wife. Because Philippe hides his own secret, a curse condemning him to celibate solitude, he faces life without the one woman whose allure he cannot ignore. And yet as unseen forces gather, preparing for a mystical battle for dominion over the human world, Leonie and Philippe realize that only together are they strong enough to conquer the engulfing evil.

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I love books that create a different world from the one we live in, because I imagine it must be such a hard thing to do. You have to inform the reader about all the important aspects of the world rather than just assume the reader knows the world. There is so much that does into creating a new world that it doesn’t always come across as well as I wish it would, but thankfully in this book the world was easy for me to imagine and enjoy.

Leonie is an interesting character, she is living in a world where she is different than everyone else, or at least as far as she knows she is different than everyone else. Leonie is taken in by a family to raise her, and thankfully they are very good people. She does have land that she would be inheriting and because of that marriage is an important thing to the kingdom and potential spouses, something I don’t think Leonie is comfortable with.

Philippe is a knight, and a good one at that. He is most definitely a tortured soul, he has some things that haunt him. Leonie had a secret crush on him, and he finds her to be beautiful, but the two are unlikely to ever acknowledge those things. When Philippe finds her unconscious in the first, and questions are raised as to Leonie’s virtue, the King forces Philippe to marry her.

Once you get to the two of them interacting on a regular basis the story definitely picks up, and the dynamic between the two of them is without a doubt a compelling on. In the beginning they each are kind of fighting kind of an internal battle within themselves against liking the other. And then without warning Leonie’s feelings shift, they are tampered with by an outside force, and she without a doubt does not trust Philippe, and is borderline afraid of him. This hiccup in their love story keeps the story fresh and it kept me engaged, wanting to see the two of them work through it, I was definitely pulling for them.

There was another element to this story outside of just being a love story, there is magic and fantasy, and an evil that must be fought against. The supporting cast of characters were all well done, and played some pretty big roles in the story. There isn’t a whole lot I can say about the “big bad” because it would ruin the unveiling of the mystery behind it all, and that is so much a part of what makes the book good. Anyone who likes fantasy with a love story mixed in should enjoy this book.

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