Shadow Kin by M.J. Scott

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Shadow Kin (The Half-Light City, #1)

I was born of a Fae mother, but I had no place among her kind. They called me soulless. An abomination. Perhaps they’re right…. I am a wraith, a show who slips between worlds. I was given into the service of the Blood Lord Lucius, who raised me to be his most feared assassin. Still, I’m nothing more than a slave to my master and to the need that only h can fulfill….
Then Lucius orders me to kill Simon DuCaine, a powerful sunmage. In the blaze of Simon’s magic, my own disappears. Instead of seeking revenge, he shows me mercy. He wants to free me. But that’s one thing my master and his kind will never allow.
And even if I thought I could trust Simon, stepping from the shadows into the light isn’t as simple as it sounds…

So I bought this book for two reasons, 1 I love the cover (I know, I know, never judge a book by its cover( and 2 it has a Patty Briggs endorsement, and I love me some Patty Briggs. So I bought the book, didn’t read the back cover at all, and just dove in. In fact when I bought this book, I bought another 5 randomly chosen books from the same section in the book store, in hopes of finding some new others and going outside of my comfort zone of loved authors.

This book is one of the examples of why I should venture out more, because this book was such a good read. It took me about three days to work all the way through (and believe me if I didn’t need to sleep, eat, or build a fence for my yard I would have finished it in one sitting). I love following along with a more “dark” character if you will, and Lily is definitely starting out on the darker side of things, although her existence is clearly a dark and tortured one. I love that Lily’s darkness is balanced out by Simon’s light, not just in the fact that he is a sunmage and she is a wraith, but rather that he is optimistic and works for good, and she is trapped in darkness in more than one way.

Lily is just such a tortured soul, she reminds me of one of those people who are told by their families that they are ugly and worthless, and then when they go out in the world and people tell them they are beautiful and worthy, they just can’t accept it. Of course Lily’s situation is much worse than this, but just as heartbreaking. Simon as a character is just great, I think I love him. He’s strong, but kind. He has a heart like no other, but as the story goes on you realize he has some dark spots in his past, some demons of his own to contend with. It makes him all the better of a character. And the two of them together are just fantastic.

The plot itself was good, and enjoyable, and I liked seeing the world that Scott created. Sure it is vampire/mages/beast lore, but she uses interesting words to describe it, and paints this great old timey kind of picture. She really transports you into a completely different world, and it felt fresh, which I love.

The only thing I don’t like about this series is that it appears (after reading this book and clamoring for more information about the authors upcoming books) that the series itself follows a different couple in each book, as a lot of PNR books do. I will read the authors others books because I love her writing, but I do wish I could follow Lily and Simon some more, because as characters they are just fantastic. I would recommend this book to just about anyone who like the UF and PNR genres.

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