Welcome to Demos by Jonathan Lister

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Demos City is a typical urban American town on the East Coast. The city has restaurants, politicians, schools, corruption, and werewolves-just like every other city. Resident werewolf Leon Gray only wants to raise his daughter Shauna away from a traditional pack structure and the criminal past that forces him to make a living as a bar bouncer.
When he winds in the same cell as investigative reporter David Hastings, Gray may never get his life under the radar back. Hastings, up to his neck in Izods and dreams of winning a Pulitzer, has irritates the nerves of powerful figures in Demos. Leon agrees to provide security for Hastings as her attempts to uncover corruption in Demos City politics.
Leon’s rewards? Enough money to provide Shauna with an education the werewolf could never afford on his own. The catch? Hastings has a pair of hired killers on his trail. These murderous professionals have experience, a varied weapons arsenal and one of them even knows how Hastings takes his espresso in the morning.
To make matters worse, Nathaniel Poole, Alpha to the pack Leon left behind, has returned to Demos City to introduce himself to his long-lost niece-Shauna. Gray Suspects Poole has an ulterior motive in reappearing in Shauna’s life. If only Leon knew just how right he is.
Even as Leon tries to protect his daughter, he may unknowingly damn them both.
I have always liked shifter books, when I was first venturing into the urban fantasy field I found vampires first and then I found the shifters. I enjoyed the books with shifters more than vampires (with some exceptions of course). It’s been a while since I have read a really good werewolf book so I had high hopes for this book.
There are a lot of good elements within the book, so i am going to go over those first. I thought the author had a pretty good command of being able to paint pictures for the reader, the descriptions were really good.
I also thought the amount of effort, which is clear from reading the book, on developing the backstory was pretty good. You can honestly tell that the author went to a lot of effort to give the characters depth and enough backstory to make them really interesting and pop out to the reader.
While there were somethings that I really did appreciate about the book there were also so elements within it that needed a bit of work. I think the most difficult thing for me to deal with was the different POVs. I think the POV shifts were not cohesive to the story and sometimes were jarring enough to through me off and make me want to reread to make sure that I was sure about what was going on.
Another problem, and it’s a common one with self-publishing, is editing. I think the author could have seriously done with another set of eyes to go through the manuscript and pick up on the typos and missteps. That being said every book has at least one typo, but in books like this when there are enough of them for you to notice, that’s when it gets annoying.
Even with the not so good elements, the book wasn’t a bad read. The pacing was pretty good and it was good enough for me to keep reading.


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