The Sidhe World Part 2 Review by S.A. Archer

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Champion of the Fey
The fey are Fading, Extinction is inevitable. Lugh, one of the few fey to survive the Collapse, is already beginning to suffer the effects. Only a long shot quest to recover the artifacts might be able to restore the source of fey magic. And the first artifact Lugh seeks is dead in the heart of wizard territory. 
Suffering from the addiction to the Sidhe Touch, London is obsessed with finding a source of magic that can ease her curse. Unfortunately, premium magic like the Touch comes with one heck of a high price. Working off the debt she’s racked up to the dealer may well terminate her addiction once and for all, because nothing’s more dangerous than doing a Changeling’s dirty work. 
Scars of Silver
Malcolm is Sidhe, the only race that possesses the coveted magic of the Touch. He’s also an untrained teenage runaway who only just discovered that he’s fey. He though the fey would have each others’ backs. That’s what he honestly thought…until he met a Changeling. 


First off it’s hard to review these without giving a lot a way of the prior stories. So much of what is the basis of these stories comes from the others, and so I obviously don’t want to ruin them for you. Each one of these little short stories, is a super easy and fast read, I think they are all around 20 pages, so it’s not a bad read if you are short on time. 
The world is pretty complex so if you are jumping into the stories in the middle you may need some time to catch up with everyone, or you may be slightly confused, although the author does a good job of contextualizing. 
Each story tackles on small subplot of the bigger picture, and you quickly notice how interconnected they are. For instance, London has the Touch, and Malcolm being an Earthborn Sidhe would be highly desirable to people who have the Touch. And that is just one example. 
The characters are coming more and more into their own, each with their own paths to take and growing into themselves more and more as things progress. I think this series is a fun read and it will be interesting to see how things evolve in the next round of stories. 

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