Snap: The World Unfolds by Michele Drier

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Snap, a multinational celeb TV show and magazine, is the holy grail for Maxie Gwenoch. When she snags the job as managing editor, she’s looking for fame, fortune, and Jimmy Choos. What she fins is a media empire owned by Baron Kandesky and his family. A family of vampires. They’re European, urbane, wealthy, and mesmerizing. And when she meets Jean-Louis, vampire and co-worker, she’s a goner. 
Maxie believes she’s found her ultimate career. She doesn’t realize that she’s found a family feud like none other, a centuries-old rivalry between vampire families, with her as the linchpin. Bells ring with Jean-Louis, but she doesn’t realize they’re alarm sirens until she learns that Jean-Louis is second in command of the Kandeskys… but by then it’s too late. 
This was kind of an interesting way to start a vampire book for me. I mean its kind of like People, Extra, and TMZ all rolled into one, and then add in a mob like vampire family war and you get the general idea of what the book is going to be about. I have to admit that the whole celeb media thing appealed to me, because as much as I hate to admit it, I’m the girl who looks at celebrity gossip every morning to start my day right. So I had some high hopes for how this book was going to turn out for me. 
Since my main issue with books these days is the pacing of a book, that was really the first thing I was looking at when I started reading this book. Thankfully I felt like the pacing was just right, there was action when there needed to be, romance when there should have been, and generally speaking there wasn’t really any part of the book where I wanted to put the book down. 
As the main character, Maxie, well she was okay. She wasn’t a bad character or anything like that, but she seemed to suffer from what a lot of authors seem to like doing to their main women characters, making her sound like a teenage girl who is convinced the world is going to end when the slightest thing goes wrong with Mr. Fantastic. I tend to hate characters like that, mainly because their whininess exists in all aspects of their life, but in this book, thankfully, Maxie was no whiny all the time, just in relation to boys. 
Now normally in books where I find a girl whining over a boy, I tend to find the boy to be a bit of a control freak, and end up hating him more than I hate the girl in the book. In this case, not only did I not hate him, but I actually enjoyed reading him a lot more than Maxie. Jean-Louis is just fun to read, he kind of pops off the page for me. 
I like the story about the vampire families at war, it’s a pretty common theme in vampire books, but it is well executed in this book. And I also really liked the whole celebrity thing, I mean come on I am a girl who loves her People. Overall, I thought the book was a pretty solid effort. I hope in the next installment Maxie experiences some character growth so maybe I can like her a little bit more, but at the end of the day I really did enjoy reading the book. I think a lot you will enjoy this book as well. 

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