Somnium by Keri Lake

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A work assignment in Kittery, Maine should be routine for Allie Lynch; nothing more than to prove herself a brilliant engineer. Instead she finds herself torn between two men: a gorgeous military guard, Colton Briggs, and her devilishly handsome colleague, Drew Costa. To resist temptation, Allie does the only thing she can: she throws herself into her work. 
But fate has other plans for Allie. Women are going missing all around her, Allie is struck with a series of life-threatening mishaps, and she becomes the obsession of a local deranged psychopath. Thrust into a dark world that she can hardly fathom, Allie must fight for her very survival, open her mind to new realities-and open her heart to the possibility of love. Because both of these men are trouble-but one is a greater danger than even she could imagine… 
From the synopsis I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from the book itself. I kind of thought it was going to be part love triangle part action based book. So when I started reading the book I was a little bit surprised when I found that it started off pretty slow. While books that start slowly tend to get under my skin, I gave this one more of a chance, and it was more a slow start since the author was laying down the foundation of the story, which I understand. 
Once the book started going I found that the book had a pretty good pace. There was a lot of guess work going on from me, I kept trying to figure out what was going to happen next. I actually felt that the book was more suspenseful than action, which I actually enjoyed a lot more. I really love books that keep me guessing, it keeps my imagination fired up, and I love it even more when I think I have figured out what is going to happen next and then something entirely different happens. 
As for the main character, Allie, I felt like she was really kind of a great character. I identified with her and really pulled for her to figure things out and just overall I liked her. She is a really smart girl, but she is also able to stand on her own and definitely has a mind of her own. Plus I also really like the way her personality kind of feeds off the other characters she surrounds herself with. They all kind of compliment each other with their different personalities. 
That being said the story was lacking in a couple of parts. I had some issues with some of the mystery element within the book, some of them weren’t fully fleshed out, and I am one of those readers who really hate loose ends. I don’t like finishing a book, and then finding that I didn’t get all the answers I was looking for. Also I felt like some of the romance elements in the book were almost kind of forces, like the book needed more romance so the author put in a few more scenes. I didn’t think they were necessary to the characters, and felt forced. 
Overall, it was a pretty decent book, but it needs a little bit of work. It was definitely suspenseful and there were some romantic elements within it, but if you are a reader who need their book to be completely fleshed out, I think you might have some of the same issues with the book as I did. But if you are in the mood for a decent story telling, then maybe you should check out this book. 

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