Chance in Hell by Patrick Kampman

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Chance is a Texan vampire hunter until a botched raid kills his team and sends him running for his life. Looking for a place to lie low, Chance takes what looks like an easy job in California. Dispose of a mysterious object. No vampires involved. But Chance’s life is never that simple. 
Within hours of reaching the West coast, his contact is murdered and Chance is left holding the key to a demonic weapon of mass destruction. To make matters worse, the weapon was stolen from the ruthless head of a multi-national corporation who will do anything to get it back. 
With supernatural hit men on his heels, Chance has no choice but to turn to the creatures he once hunted. Soon he’s neck deep in otherworldly seductresses, rival werewolf gangs, ravenous witches, and dysfunctional vampires. His only hope is to gain their trust, and their help, before all Hell breaks loose. 
I don’t often get to read a lot of book writing from the guys point a view, in fact I would say 85-90% of them are from a woman’s point of view. So I like when every now and again a book comes my way that break me out of my everyday book I read. I also really enjoy books that are able to mess a lot of different supernatural types into one book. A lot of times you only get one or two that are the primary focus, but this book has a little bit of everything, which I enjoyed. 
I think the pace was really good on this book. It really wasn’t slow, and the action was strong, there were no real down points where I felt like things were boring or where I wanted to put the book down. It was also pretty well written, and I felt like I could really go along with Chance, and that I really enjoyed him as a character. 
Speaking of characters I thought they were really well thought out. I liked finding out more about each one and I also thought that they really compliments Chance well. I thought a lot of the exchanges were really cute and funny and literally made me chuckle out loud. I really like watching the main character get himself into trouble and then have a good cast of characters to fall back on, that feel like they are a part of a team together. 
Overall I thought this was a good read, it was fun to read. I think a lot of people will probably enjoy this book, it has an exciting plot, fun characters, and a huge supernatural element. People who are looking for something heavier on the romance will probably find this book to be lacking a little bit. But for those of you who are looking for a fun urban fantasy told from a guy’s point of view, you will probably have a fun time reading this book. 

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