Return to Mercya by Mark Ruckledge

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In a world beyond imagination one man returns to the land he once knew only to find it changed beyond all recognition and overrun by evil. But with companionship and love he may just make it through. 
This is his story… 
While I have made it clear lately that I do enjoy a novella, and that there have been some seriously good ones that have crossed my path lately, I am a little bit on the fence on this novella. And here is why. My main issue in the past with novellas is that the plot is either two short to be enjoyable, or the complex for the author to flesh out in such a short amount of time that it ends up just annoying me. I felt like this novella was more like a sample chapter of a book that is going to come out in a few months, it did not feel like it was really able to stand on it’s own in my opinion. 
That isn’t to say that the novella didn’t have some strong points. The author was pretty well versed in creating pretty good descriptions, enough for the reader to feel like they could paint a picture of what is going on within the book. 
Along with that the book is pretty fast pace, and there is a lot of action, so for people who are big fans of action you probably would enjoy this. 
Overall, I feel like the novella was too short, and so I don’t have a lot of opinions about the content. I think a lot of people who enjoy fantasy might enjoy the novella if you are looking for a fast read that is action packed. 

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