unDEAD by Trinidad Giachino

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Private Detective with a reputation for never leaving a job unfinished. A man named Lord Hurlingthon contacts him, requesting his abilities to solve a deeply personal mystery: Hugh Hurlingthon is two hundred and thirteen years old and can’t die. 
Or so he claims. 
Saussure will have to discover if this man is telling the truth, and if so, why can’t he cease to exist. Along the course of this investigation, Richard Saussure will question his beliefs while attempting to come to terms with his own past. 
I’m a really big fan of mysteries and detective type novels, in fact I used to read them a lot before I discovered fantasy books. So when a book comes my way that is a combination of the two I always get excited. I love trying to figure out the mystery before the novel is over, and love when a book makes me think, and makes me want to know what is going to happen next. Part of the reason why I enjoyed reading un(DEAD) is because I really didn’t know what was going to happen next within the plot and it made me want to read more so I could find out. 
One of the most important things in mystery type books is pacing (not that pacing isn’t important in all books), you need the pacing to reflect the sense of suspense that mystery books need to have. I think that this book did a really good job with pacing, and keeping me interested. I didn’t feel like there were any points within the book that were laggy or made me get bored. 
I really like the secondary characters in the book as well, they all had a part to play, and I think they all played their parts really well. Personally I think it’s easy to make a main character more likable than the secondary characters, but in this book I actually found it a little bit opposite. I thought the Detective as a main character was not as fully thought out as I would have liked, and I did have a harder time connecting to him on a character level. I felt like I didn’t know him that well, and I didn’t necessarily understand his motivations and who he was as a person, which for me is a really important thing for me when it comes to liking characters. Thankfully the plot was strong enough to make me over look this issue within the book. 
Overall, I did enjoy the book and I think most people will enjoy it as well, especially if you like mysteries. I think if you are looking for a paranormal book that is full of a world of paranormal peoples, then this might not be the book for you. But if suspense is your think then you should give this book a try. 

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