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A big thanks to Kate and Urban Fantasy Reviews for hosting me today! I think it’s a pretty well-known fact that I have a soft spot in my heart for Xander Peck, Shaede High King and recent addition to Seattle’s supernatural community. And when I posed the question to my Facebook friends about who I should interview today, they agreed that Xander was too intriguing to resist.

Amanda: Thanks for meeting me today, Your Highness.

Xander: *gives a dismissive wave of his hand* Please, call me Xander.

Amanda: Thanks. It’s so great of Kate to invite us to Urban Fantasy Reviews today! I thought we’d start off with her questions first.

Kate: Since we all love books here, what is your favorite book and why?

Xander: My father made my brother and I read The Art of War over and again until we had the text committed to memory. I still read it from time to time. I find Sun Tzu’s words very comforting though not altogether entertaining.  

Kate:  What is your favorite memory (from recent times or however far back your life reaches)?

Xander:I’m not sure how humans remember, but when you live as long as we do, the past becomes… faintly muddled. Memories are like dreams, the lucidity of which often comes into question. When I was fifteen or sixteen, I purchased a stallion from a Fae prince who had won the beast from a Sheik. He was the most stubborn beast I’d ever met and it took me almost a year to break him. I loved that damned horse.

Kate: Everyone tends to forget royals are people too, what is your most embarrassing moment?

Xander:Well, I didn’t vomit on a foreign dignitary or anything quite so scandalous. I was at Emperor Xun’s (Shang Dynasty) court to accept a sword that his sorcerer had charmed on my father’s behalf.  I mistook one of sorcerer’s wives for his mother. Humans age so fast… sometimes they appear much older than they really are. The sorcerer took it in stride, however. I half expected him to curse the katana, rather than charm it.

Kate: If you found out you had only one day left on this earth, who would you spend it with, what would you do, and what would your last meal be?

Xander: I’d spend my last day with my brother, my friends…those I care about. I’ve done so much over the course of my life; I think I would like to just sit with my loved ones and enjoy their company. As for my last meal? That’s easy. Burgers from Dick’s. They have locations all over Seattle. Delicious.

Kate:Any tidbits you would like to share about your plans for the future of your Shaede Kingdom?

Xander: *grins* Sorry, my dear Kate. Who knows who might be reading this? I couldn’t possibly allow anything to slip that my enemies might seize upon. I’m afraid my plans for my kingdom must remain a secret for now.

Amanda: Thanks, Kate! Awesome questions! I hope you don’t mind, Xander, but some readers have a few questions for you as well and I brought them along. First off, Natalie would like to know your true motives toward Darian. She wants to know if you plan to fight for her attention?

Xander: *flashes a very seductive smile* This is an easy question. My motives regarding Darian are simple: I want her, and I want her to want me as well. As for fighting for her attentions, well, I alwaysget what I want.

Amanda: Jonathan would like to know if you prefer Red Vines or Twizzlers?

Xander: Neither. I prefer Darrel Lee. It’s from Australia, I believe. Mango flavored.

Amanda: I’ve seen Darrel Lee Licorice at Target. Do you just run over and buy a few bags when you get a craving?

Xander: I don’t know where it comes from. I have people who do my shopping for me. All I know is that it’s good.

Amanda: Gotcha. Okay… back to reader questions… Cecy wants to know what is your Achilles heel when it comes to females?

Xander: If you asked my brother, Raif, he would say my Achilles heel is wanting that which I can’t have. *laughs good naturedly* And he’d probably be right. Moreover, I’d say that my weakness is strong-willed females. There is something about a strong woman that brings me to my knees.

Amanda: This next question sort of ties into my previous one. Nancy asks: What do you like most about Darian? Is there anything you’d change about her?

Xander: What I admire most about Darian is her inability to bend. To anyone, including myself. Her strength of conviction, no matter how misguided it might sometimes be, is admirable. Like I said, I’m attracted to strong-willed women. Strong women make excellent queens. And for the record, the only thing I would change about Darian is her current taste in men. *smiles*

Amanda: Last but not least, Cowanda would like to know what you think you can do to win Darian from Tyler? Do you have any dirt on Tyler that you could use against him?

Xander: First of all, I won’t have to win Darian from anyone. I’m confident that in the end, she will choose the better man. I am far better suited for her than anyone else. And to answer the second question, if I did in fact, have any dirt on the Jinn, I certainly wouldn’t show my hand…yet.

Amanda: Okay, well, I think that about covers it.

Xander: Don’t you have a question for me? Something you’ve been dying to know?

Amanda: Well… yes, actually. If you could have any wish granted, what would it be?

Xander: I would wish for peace in my kingdom and for my subjects to be happy. That is the sole wish of any good king.

Amanda: That’s a pretty awesome wish. Thanks for talking with us today, Xander.

Xander: *bows* I am at your disposal.

Amanda: Okay, guys, I might have swooned. Just a little. 😉 Thanks again, Kate! You rock!!!

Stay tuned for a review of Amanda’s novella and a giveaway later today! 

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  1. I enjoy novellas these days too, in preference to full length novels because I can read them in one evening. I don’t have to go to bed wonddering what is going to happen next. I call them ‘movie-length’ books. This one sounds good.

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