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Mad Moral (Mad Series, Book One)

Mad Moral is the world of Ford Fischer, where in murderous stuffed animals, demonic possessions, gigantic creepy crawlers, knife wielding slashers and much more madness are common place. Fischer, coupled with a romantically conflicted exorcist and a dreamer who redefines night terrors, leads us through a twisted world that can be best defined as one of a kind.

-Ford Fischer, a twenty-year old serial slasher desperately trying to resist the lure of the blade-

The woman lived in a small trailer park that was a short drive from the downtown area. Many nights Ford skipped meetings only to receive a phone call from Miriam questioning his whereabouts. She was a kind woman even though it was rumored she slaughtered an entire sorority house back in the seventies. They arrived at the woman’s trailer, the front yard decorated with gnomes dressed as businessmen and women. The streetlights weren’t operational, the neighbor nearly ghost town like.

Ford and Lu exited the car and headed up to her front door. He raised his clinched fist to knock only for Lu to notice the trailer door was half-ajar. It creaked as she pushed it open, Ford stepping in first. The front yard theme continued inside. No matter where they looked, a gnome was visible. There were photos, miniature figures, dishware, and plush gnomes on her couch. Ford resisted greeting them, not accustomed to silent stuffed animals.

Lu passed the kitchen area and headed to the bedroom door knocking. “Miriam, you here?”

Ford stood close behind Lu. “You missed the meeting, Miriam. Are you okay?”

Lu grabbed the door handle, sliding it sideways into the wall. Miriam’s body lay sprawled out on her bloodstained mattress, multiple stab wounds in the woman’s chest. The average person would have reacted wildly to the scene in the bedroom. Her withering face was pale, her light blue eyes opened. Ford and Lu found themselves admiring the murder scene first, mourning the loss of their group leader second.

Lu shut the door. “The slasher has been slashed.”

“Should we let this unfold naturally?”

“Yes, no cops tonight. I’m sure somebody will eventually uncover her body.”

“We were never here.”

“We were never here,” Lu reaffirmed.

The slashers left the scene, discreetly driving away from the trailer park.

-Sidnee Vincent, a twenty-one year old exorcist who’s romantic woes is constantly sabotaged by the demonic forces in her life.-

The exorcist and the dreamer walked the streets of downtown searching for Daniel. They checked inside the most crowded bars and a showed a few night-owls his photo. A loud scream caught the attention of those in range. Milo and Sidnee turned toward the source of the scream to find Daniel aggressively dragging a drunken young woman across the street. He wore all black, his silk shirt buttoned halfway, and no glasses. Sidnee was disgusted at what the demon had done to him.

She slowly advanced towards him. “Demon,” She shouted.

He stopped and turned to Sidnee. “Yo exorcist, how are you?”

The drunken young woman the demon clung onto spat at him and ran away.

He wiped the saliva from his face. “She’ll suffer for that later.”

“There won’t be a later,” Sidnee threatened.

“I’ll snap your neck where you stand exorcist.”

Milo took a step before Sidnee. “That won’t happen.”

The demon smirked. “Is this your boyfriend? He’s pretty.”

Milo clinched his fists. “Your fun is over. I consider this theft.”

The demon rolled his eyes at Milo‘s words, not dignifying them with a response. “You won’t extract me exorcist.”

“I’ll do it by force if it comes to that,” Sidnee shouted. “I’m prepared to end your sad existence.”

The demon took slow backward steps. “I can no longer listen to this bullshit.”

The demon took off running into the night, Sidnee and Milo chased after him. The exorcist did her best to keep up, but found herself trailing after Milo. She was amazed at how invested he was in helping her even though they had just met. It was obvious that even though he no longer wore a badge, he still lived his life to serve and protect.

-Milo Amos, a twenty-four year old dreamer whose survival instincts in his nightmares, fail in reality as he attempts to recapture an ambitious childhood dream of becoming a hero-.

As he fell, he attempted to grab onto the fence. Instead of rust, the opposite side of the fence was slippery. No matter how many times Milo tried to prevent his fall, his hands would instantly lose grip. His body landed against stiff, royal blue matting, instantly his ears being greeted with the sounds of a roaring crowd. Milo sat up to discover himself confined inside a cage, the fence black. Outside the cage sat a crowd of rabid clowns. He stood from the mat, cupping his sore rear.

The audience shouted cuss words at him. A few of them used their own breaths to fill balloons until they popped loudly, chewed on bloody cotton candy, and dug mucus from their rubber noses. Milo found the sight of the crowd comical, yet revolting. The scent of burnt popcorn met his nose and circus music that sounded as if it was being performed by a mediocre grunge band played loudly. A door on the opposite of the cage opened and a yellow haired clown, his tattoo-clad torso exposed, his rubber shoes decorated with miniature spikes, entered to a loud ovation.

As the clown, the poorly applied paint on his face peeling, raised his arms in the air, the crowd went wild. He laughed, sticking his fungus stained tongue out at Milo. A female clown tore open the polka dotted blouse she wore, pressing her wrinkled breast against the cage. Milo turned his head away from the unpleasing sight. The yellow haired clown blew a kiss at the female clown and yanked at his crotch. He refocused on Milo, delivering a pair of downward turned thumbs.

A villainous laughter sounded throughout the arena and declared, “Death match!”

-The 82, 000 word, urban fantasy/thriller novel is only the beginning of a series. Mad Moral (Mad Series, Book One) is available on Smashwords at no charge.-

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