Poseidon’s Children by Michael West

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Man no longer worships the old gods; forgotten and forsaken, they have become nothing more than myth and legend. But all that is about to change.
After the ruins of a vast, ancient civilization are discovered on the ocean floor, Coast Guard officers find a series of derelict ships drifting in the current—high-priced yachts and leaking fishing boats, all ransacked, splattered in blood, their crews missing and presumed dead. 
And that’s just the beginning. 
Vacationing artist Larry Neuhaus has just witnessed a gruesome shark attack, a young couple torn apart right before his eyes….at least, he thinks it was a shark. And when one of these victims turns out to be the only son of Roger Hays, the most powerful man in the country, things go from bad to worse.
Now, to stop the carnage, Larry and his new-found friends must work together to unravel a mystery as old as time, and face an enemy as dark as the ocean depths.

It seems like lately I have had a lot of books to review that have fallen under the mythology themes. And this book proudly enters it into the list. I’m actually a little bit on the surprised side that I enjoyed the book as much as I did, and that’s not because the book isn’t good, it’s because the book borders on that like between horror and urban fantasy. I love urban fantasy, but horror is just not my thing (I’m a big wimp, I won’t even go see scary movies). So when I started to realize this book had a bit of the horror genre in it, I was a little nervous but I stuck it out and I was happy that I did. 
I do have to say my only real complaint with the book was that the beginning was a bit on the slow side. I know writing a beginning to any book, or series involves a lot of set up by the author to put the infrastructure in place, so it’s actually pretty common for me to find that a book starts a bit on the slow side. I will say that even though it starts off slow, it does pick up as the book goes on. 
One of things I appreciated about the book though was I think that there is a character out there for everyone. This book has a lot of characters in it, so you are pretty much guaranteed to find someone you like within, someone you can identify with and want to know more about. And the characters all compliment each other pretty well, which I think is a pretty nice achievement by the author, especially with a cast as large as it was in this book. 
I do really like that the book has a good pace. Once the book gets going it really doesn’t stop, it keeps the reader interested in the plot throughout the entire thing. It does a really good job of making you want to know what is going to happen next. And the suspense factor in the book is also pretty good too, but I think that is a common element with the horror genre. 
The book is a really quality read. The writing is good, the plot line is solid, the characters are well formed and easy to identify with. I like any book that makes me think, and makes me think I know what is going to go on next and then have the author completely surprise me. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys urban fantasy or horror. But if you are like me and you avoid horror at all costs, I think you might want to give this one a try, because it really is a great molding of the two genres. 

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