Draykon Character Interviews!

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Over the next couple of days I will be posting a lot about Charlotte English and her Draykon series, which I love. All leading up to the review of her new book Orlind! At the bottom of this post you can find links to other sites, all dealing with Charlotte English and her book release (there’s some fun stuff at the other end of these links). 
So for day 1, we did a short character interview, with questions for both Llandry and Eva, two women who kick butt in their own right! 


What is your favorite part about being a Draykon?

Not feeling afraid anymore! It’s hard to feel threatened when you’re so much bigger than everyone else, and wielding full draykoni powers on top of that. Unless you’re facing another draykon, of course…
Trying to find a place for yourself in your new form has been challenging, what is the hardest part about being this new version of you?

Adjusting to the physical changes was hard at first, though I’m used to that now. I don’t fall out of the sky anymore! At the moment I’m struggling with finding my place now that I’ve changed. Some people are actually afraid of me, which can hurt. I mean, it’s nice not being the frightened one but I don’t want to be intimidating my own people.
How has Sigwide been coping with your new identity?

He’s unfazed. He barely seems to realise that I’ve changed. Pensould says that I haven’t changed in essentials; I’m still me and Siggy responds to that more than my outer appearance. Isn’t that interesting, that you can recognise and value somebody based on the way their personality feels rather than how they look? I wish more people worked that way.

You seem to have found yourself pulled in many different directions in the past, do you ever see yourself settling down in one place?
Hmm. I’ve spent most of my life in Glour and honestly I’m enjoying the opportunity to put aside those responsibilities and see more of the world (and beyond!). But I do place a high value on home comforts. The question is, will I still want to make my permanent home in Glour City once all this is over? At the moment I don’t know.
Your ability with animals is truly amazing, do you have a favorite animal you have worked with?

Rikbeek and I have been partners for a long time, of course, and I wouldn’t be without him for the world. However, he can be hard to live with. If only he wouldn’t bite so much…! Secretly I would love to work with animals like Bartel, my shortig hound, a bit more often – they’re a little more docile and certainly sweeter-natured.
There is so much mystery surrounding the events of your world right now, do you think the people are prepared for the things to come?

No, I don’t think we are. The return of the draykoni will have a considerable impact on the Seven Realms and at present it is hard to predict how relations between draykoni and humankind will turn out – especially when there’s currently the threat of outright war. As for the Lokants, who knows? Even I can’t feel sure of their real motives. I only hope it will be possible to minimise the potential damage while we work through these problems.

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