The Hole Behind Midnight by Clinton J. Boomer

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Royden Poole is having a very bad day. Follow the Hole Behind Midnight into a world of oracles and monsters, kings and usurpers … follow it into the 25th Hour. A darkly comic postmodern urban fantasy crime/mystery noir/pulp tale-of-suspense-and-magic-and-cursing, this is a story of the 25th Hour.

First and foremost this book has a really cool concept. The 25th hour is something I think all of us have wished for at one time in our life, so that’s a really interesting elements alone. And while having a good concept is half the battle sometimes, a good concept doesn’t matter much if it isn’t executed well; Boomer executed this book amazingly well. 
First and foremost I have to say the book works for me on a lot of different levels. I love the humor in the book. I’m one of those people who enjoys all kinds of humor, but I also enjoy the sarcastic or dark humor above all else. I have to say that this book was deliciously humorous for me. 
The main character is a bit of an jerk but because the book is written from his point of view, you as the reader understand him and his actions. And I feel like I have know a lot of this “type” of guy in my life, and I love ’em all. So it was easy for me to like the him, and pull for him. I also have to say, that most of the books I review are urban fantasy books told from a woman’s point of view, so this was a refreshing change of pace for me, and I was equally impressed at how much I like the character compared to the “norm” of character I am used to. 
I thought the world building in the book was fantastic, well thought out, and actually quite complex. When you have a complex world to present to a reader it can get tricky with not confusing them. But Boomer did a great job, I think the overall tone of the novel helps the reader along, you are so already along for the ride and so immersed in the book that nothing ever felt inorganic or too confusing. 
The pace of the book is spot on, it moves at the perfect pace for the reader. And more than that it encompasses so many different topics, that just about anyone who picks up this book can find something in it that they can identify with, or a topic they would like to see in a book. 
I myself know a lot of people who would love this book. The sense of humor alone I think would have a lot of my friends enjoying this book. But more than that I think people, even people who don’t necessarily know a lot about the genre or even like the genre could find something in this book they enjoy. I do have to say if you are not a person who enjoys certain explicit language or that type of language offends you, then this isn’t your book. But as long as you don’t fall into that category, if you are looking for a book to read, then I without a doubt recommend this book to anyone. 

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