Sin by Shaun Allan

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Dead, dead, dead. Say it enough times and it becomes just another word. 
What would you do? Could you kill a killer? Does the death of one appease the deaths of a hundred? What about that hundred against a thousand? 
What if you had no choice? 
Meet Sin. No, not that sort of sin, but Sin, crazy as a loon (you ask Sister Moon), and proud of it. Sin locks himself away in a mental home and, every so often, gets violent. That’s only so they’ll give him those nice drugs, though. The ones that help him forget. 
It’s a pity they don’t work. 
Sin, you see, has a serious problem. Well, it’s not so much his problem, as ours – yours, mine and everyone else’s. People die around him. He doesn’t like it and he can’t help it. But someone else knows, and he has to stop them… and himself… 
Flip and catch…

First and foremost this book is pretty cool. The concept is pretty cool, and honestly I don’t think you get the full picture of what kind of book you are getting yourself into until you start reading. It definitely wasn’t what I was expecting, but I mean that in the best way possible. 
The book is interesting from the very beginning, and you want to keep reading to find out more about not only the character Sin, but what he is going to do next. I mean I read the synopsis of the book I was pretty sure the main character was not the best guy in the world, I mean it sounds like he is a killer. But really he is a guy who would be a normal guy if not for this fact that bad things happen when he’s around. But he isn’t the one doing the bad things, so you really feel bad for this guy. 
I think it’s a really interesting plot, and of course you get to experience how Sin deals with the problem once he recognizes it. It’s obviously a terrible situation, and so Sin obviously wants to do something to make sure that he stops being the reason for other people dying. So he does the only thing that he thinks will help, he ends up in mental hospital which doesn’t work, so he starts to wonder if the only solution to the problem would be for him not to exist anymore. 
The book is really interesting and thought provoking. I also believe that it is really well written. The dialogue was good, the inner monologue was good, there was humor interjected throughout the book. But the overall book made you think. You wondered about what would happen if you were in his shoes. Or what would happen if you knew someone like him. You felt for him. You wanted this to stop, you wanted him to just be a normal everyday guy. 
Overall, I think the book is pretty good. It is one of those books that kind of falls in the urban fantasy realm because it deals with things that don’t happen naturally in the real world, but at the same time is not completely a fantasy book per say. It’s thought provoking, well written, and has some really good overall elements to the book. I would recommend it to pretty much anyone who likes books, it’s one of those books that kind of fits into a multitude of categories and therefore has a wider audience. I will say the book is on the darker side, so if you are looking for something light and fluffy then this is not the book for you.

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