Bonded with Love by Tiffany Heiser

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Never in a trillion years did Rena think vampires existed…or that she has enemies among them. When Rena Vesten heads to her first day of senior year she hopes for something incredible to happen. But she doesn’t expect the dark-haired, blue-eyed man of her dreams-literally-to suddenly appear as the new student at school. The gorgeous mystery guy, Cryder, has more secrets than his inexplicable presence in her dreams. Soon Rena’s world takes a turn into the supernatural when she finds out Cryder is a vampire king with a deadly rebellion on his hands, and a destiny irrevocably linked to Rena’s… …’till death to them part.

So as I have said in previous reviews I really enjoy a good vampire book. But again, like I have said in previous reviews I am not always the biggest fans of YA books. It’s not that I don’t like Young Adult books in general, its that really they always end up either hit or miss for me. I was not particularly taken by this book. 
The first issue I had with this book was largely editorial. I felt like the book needed a lot more editing, and sometimes it made it rather confusing for me as a reader. I am one of those readers that picks up on a lot of the details mentioned in a book, and when a book switches the details within itself, it gets confusing for me. It makes me want to reread and make sure I thought I knew what I knew was right, and I hate rereading a book when I am in the middle of it. So for that reason this book for me had some problems. 
I also felt like I didn’t connect with the characters as much as I would have liked to. I felt like I got easily annoyed with some of them. I think the largest problem for me, was I particularly don’t like when a character, the lead character seems to be, for lack of a better term, walked all over. In this case the main character Rena, was not very assertive, and seemed to allow other people to treat her kind of condescendingly. Now I don’t expect Rena to be this perfect entity or anything, or even some super woman, but I do like for a character to stand on their own two feet as well as show some growth within the course of the book, and I’m not entirely convinced that that happened with her. 
I also kind of thought that plot drag out way longer than it needed to be. It’s not that the plot should have made the story shorter, but the action/pace within the book did not really support the plot, and therefore there was a lot of times where I was starting to get bored when I was reading the book. I am a reader that needs to constantly be engaged in what I am reading. I read at least a book a day, so when I come across a book that doesn’t have me completely engaged it does sometimes make me want to move on to the next book in my list.
I also want to point out that while pacing was a big issue for me, I am primarily an adult book reader, and the pacing in an adult book versus a book that is marketing to Young Adults is often a little bit slower, allowing for a little more downtime, and a little more teen angst. So that might have been when my issue was coming from. 
Overall, I didn’t really enjoy the book, but I also didn’t hate the book. I think it needs to go through a couple of round of edits, but if that were to happen I could easily see how people who like to read Young Adults might enjoy it, so their could certainly be an audience for this book. That being said if you are a reader who really only enjoys reading adult books, then this is probably not the book for you. 

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