Zombies! by Ivan Turner

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Set in New York, this ten part serialization takes the reader through the introduction of the zombie plague.  Unlike other zombie tales, the discovery of the plague does not lead to instant armageddon.  Society panics, accepts, and adjusts as the zombies become a part of reality and people must deal with them as part of their lives.  The series follows a set of very different characters as they try to deal with the supernatural versus the utterly mundane.

I haven’t read a lot of zombie books, in fact one of the first zombie books was from just a few days ago, it was call Atticus of the Undead and you should check it out. I really enjoyed the very few books I have read about zombies, so I figured this book would be another good zombie book. Although this book is not presented like a normal book. This book is broken down into what Turner refers to as episodes, and can all be purchased separated, as far as I can tell you can’t buy the whole collection in one big piece. 
I think that one thing that helps this book along, is that it is broken down into episodes. Each episode is fleshed out well on it’s own, like a bunch of novellas all about the same general story. This is helpful because each episode is well paced, so you never get bored when reading one of the episodes. It also helps with the overall series, because one of the biggest problems with works like novellas is you don’t have enough time to really “world build”, but in this series each episode in a way builds on each other. So the world is really well developed as well as being well paced. 
The writing within the book was really well done. The writing was really well done, and I really enjoyed the overall series/book from the beginning to the end. Turner has a really gift at keeping things light at the right moment, intense at the right moment, and all while capturing the readers attention. Nothing with his writing ever feels dumbed down, in fact the writing itself is really smart, so it genuine is a quality read. 
The characters are really well fleshed out and it’s easy to connect to them. Even though these people are all in a wildly different situation then we are, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have things in common with them. People want to find love and companionship, some of us have a past that we need to work through. 
I really like the general way of how the zombies are presented in this book. That they become a part of society. I don’t think zombies are really ever well accepted in most pop culture books, shows, or movies. But I like the premise that society tries to accept them, but the again of course even that is a hard thing for some people to come to grips with so it’s interesting to see all the different ways people react to the issue at hand, and the different roles that everyone place. 
Over all, I think this is a pretty interesting, and unique was of writing. And it’s a pretty good book/series. Although I feel like I should mention because I am doing a review of all 10 episodes at once, it does not mean that you should try to read the whole thing all at once. It’s a pretty hefty amount of pages to read. So this is more of a long term read, but I think that makes it all the more fun. So for those of you who like zombies, I would say give this series a shot! 

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