Painted Jezebel by Jolie Pethtel

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Publicist Finn Mackenzie has always been lucky, until an ill-fated affair with a vindictive writer leaves him one chance for redemption: a spectacular public appearance by the elusive best-selling romance author, Jezebel Jinx.
Unfortunately, the cute but kooky writer refuses to cooperate. Jezebel believes she’s cursed with bad luck. Riddled with anxieties, she never leaves her home— until the gorgeous, albeit desperate Finn whisks her away to a writer’s conference, against her will.
After the initial shock wears off, Jezebel’s dormant hormones kick into high gear around the hunky Finn.
When his ex turns up murdered and Jezebel is the prime suspect, ill-planned sexcapades are the least of their worries.
I haven’t read a lot of straight up romance books, in fact probably less than five. Most of them have some kind of paranormal element in them, but I was interested in this book largely because of the main character. I don’t think i have really read any books where the main character is a writer. I find that interesting because I also write books, and I think it would be difficult for me to write a book about a writer, and make it not the most boring book on the planet. So hats off to Jolie for writing a book about a writer than was not boring at all. 
This book is more of a novella than a book, so I felt like there were some moments when I was reading when things felt rushed, and I don’t like the feeling of being rushed when I am reading a book. The beginning of the book I thought out pretty strong. And lets face it a strong beginning is the most important thing when it comes to a book, it gets you into the book and make you want to keep going. If the beginning is slow, I sometimes have to convince myself to keep reading. 
I think the chemistry between Finn and Jezebel was pretty good. Which since this is a straight up romance book is something pretty important to have. I felt like even though the chemistry was there, there were moments that just didn’t feel all that organic. Finn was protesting even thinking about Jezebel in any kind of romantic sense, and then all of sudden they were making out, and then he was back to being all “this is never going to happen”. It just kind of through off the flow of the character in general. 
I think Constance, was probably written the best. She really did come off as one of those people that everyone hates. She was seriously a well written mean girl. And the fact that she had a prior relationship with Finn just made it all the more intriguing and made you hate Constance all the more. 
Jezebel is also a good character, she’s well written. She has a serious amount of issues, from anxiety, not not leaving her house, allergies, and just a general panic of anything that isn’t her house. But it’s alluded from early on that there was a reason for all of the issues she was experiencing. And then you find out what happened in her past, and you feel so bad for it. It was a terrible situation, and if something like that had happened to me, I don’t think I would have reacted any differently than Jezebel did, I would have locked myself up in my house and never left either. 
Overall the book was a good read. It really is a book for those of you who enjoy romance. I know a lot of the people that read this blog are interested in both romance and paranormal romance, but there is no paranormal in this book. That being said, it’s a romance that has humor as well as a mystery, so when you add all those elements to the equation and it makes the book pretty good. 


Jolie Pethtel was born in Ohio, but raised in Arizona, where she met her husband Jim. Jolie has since moved to Indianapolis, Indiana where she lives with her husband and their six rambunctious children. Jolie is a Domestic Goddess by day and Writer by night.

Twitter: @joliepethtel

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