The Merzetti Effect by Norah Wilson

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Delano Bowen has been a medical doctor for a very long time. More than 170 years, in fact. For much of that time, he’s been searching for a way to reverse the curse foisted on him by a vampress who sought to own him. With the emergence of medical technology, he now also aims to develop a vaccine to protect the vulnerable from predation by rogue vampires. After a century of searching, he thinks he’s found the key to his vaccine – a surviving descendent of the Merzetti family. The Merzettis were virtually hunted to extinction over the years by rogue vampires who feared the anti-vampirism properties in their blood. 
A foundling, nurse Ainsley Crawford has no idea that she carries a genetic gift, and Delano aims to keep it that way. He manipulates events to ensure her unwitting cooperation. But when Delano’s arch enemy Radak Janecek mounts an all-out assault to destroy Delano and the fruits of his research, Delano is forced to draw Ainsley even closer to protect her. Ainsley sees no reason why that attraction shouldn’t be consummated, but Delano knows succumbing to it is not just ill-advised; it could literally be the death of him.
This book most definitely falls into the paranormal romance category. The problem I have with a lot of paranormal romances is that the author focuses so much on the romance aspect of the book they somehow forget to deal with the actual plot of the book, like it’s some kind of afterthought. I really appreciate this book all the more because the plot was so well fleshed out, and the romance, while being a big element to the book had a place in the book. The romance wasn’t just there for romance sake, it actually helped move the plot along and even played a big role. 
Delano is an interesting character. He does a lot of rather questionable things, especially in the beginning of the book with it comes to Ainsley, but he does them for the right reasons. He is not a bad guy, he is just a guy who feels like he has no other options and must do whatever it takes for the greater good of the world. 
Part of the reason I think I like Delano and the book in general is because it’s written rather intelligently. In fact all the characters in the book are educated or just in general talented in other ways. They explain what being a vampire is in a scientific way, as a gene mutation, that could be reversed if they could only figure out a way to do so. Basically being a vampire is like having a disease, and diseases can be cured, it just takes time and research, and testing. 
Which is where Ainsley comes in. They (the men in the book) mention several times that she is one of the most resilient people that they have met, and truly she is. While she does have freak outs a couple times throughout the book, she looks at things as logically as she can, and she ultimately decides to do what her heart tells her is the right thing to do. That being said, she always felt rather organic, she didn’t panic when she found out vampires, but she did panic when she thought she could have been turned. She looks at things in a medical perspective, as well she should since after all she is a nurse. 
Eli is a character I really like as well. He is a Delano’s right hand man, he is basically a guy who does it all. But mostly he is the security guy. It’s clear from the book that he has scene war, and he has had to overcome that past. But it has also allowed him to be good as his job, which is often making sure that Delano and the work he is doing is protected, and of course Ainsley too once she comes into the group. 
The romance in the book was pretty well written. There was no overly cheesy lines in the book, although there was a time or two where the author opted for the clinical word and it almost sounded out of place within the intimate scenes. But overall the scenes were well written. And not only that, but the sex in the book actually plays a big part in moving the plot forward. I wish I could explain how, but it would give way to much of the book away, so I’ll just say the sex is necessary and well written. 
I would recommend this book especially to those of you who like paranormal romance, but I also believe that urban fantasy readers would also like this book as well. Overall I thought it was an interesting book, and well written, I would read more by this author. 

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