Ella by L.S. Burton

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Isabella would do anything for her little girl, Ella. She loves nothing more than to let Ella cut her hair, or watch Ella pet the elephants at the zoo. As Ella gets older, however, she finds new friends and becomes distant and dismissive with Isabella. 
Isabella can’t understand why Ella won’t talk to her anymore, why Ella ignores her attempts at communicating. She begins to feel as if she doesn’t matter, doesn’t exist anymore. Ella is her whole world. She’d be nothing without Ella. 
Unfortunately for Isabella, she comes to see that this may, in fact, be very close to the truth.
This book is really a novella, so I am most likely not going to review it in the same kind of length as I do for full size books, to do so would give to much away. To be completely honest I am not entirely sure about how I feel about this novella. It was kind of a bizarre to be completely honest. 
Right from the beginning you start off with the story being told from Isabella’s point of view, and to be honest I couldn’t tell who was more the child and who was more the adult. Isabella seems to be under some kind of spell of Ella’s and is willing to do anything this young child says. The child Ella seems to live in some kind of fantasy work of her own creation, which knowing a couple of four years old myself isn’t to off. 
That being said in the progressing chapter the same thing is also present. What Ella says, is what happens. It doesn’t really matter what anyone else says or does including Isabella, who is suppose to be the adult in the situation. I have to say that through the entire first half of the novella I felt like Ella was a giant brat who needed a good time out. 
At some point during the book I started getting the feeling that there was more going on here than meets the eye, and I thought that because of the relationship between Isabella and Ella. Especially when Ella starts talking to a bear for advice, I started to believe that the whole thing was happening in Ella’s head and that’s it, but if that was the case then why is the story being told from Isabella’s point of view. 
So needless to say, I think most of you are going to need to make your own mind up about this book, as well as see if you understand it better than I did. I will say I found it a bit on the annoying side that the book was told from Isabella, mostly because she sounded like she was a two year old, or a young child, and basically that got old for me really quickly. More than that I felt way more confused and lost throughout the entire novella so for that reason and that reason only I am going to give the book a “so-so” rating. But once again I want to mention that this is my opinion and only my opinion, it’s very possible that someone else might enjoy this book or not be as confused as I was. So if you would like give it a go! 

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