Night Sighs by Emma Meade

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Meet Alex & Tristan, modern star-crossed lovers of the supernatural variety.
Alex is running-on-empty one year on from the death of her fiancé, and the only thing that keeps her going is her romance with the young vampire Tristan. Tristan meanwhile has a serious obsession with Bruce Springsteen and is battling a can’t-live-without-you sort of love for Alex. He’s trying to persuade her to come over to the dark side but so far she’s resisting his efforts.
So come and sing along to Tristan’s band, The Dead Beats, the hottest group in London right now and walk with Alex as she teeters between this life and the next.  Because when you’re around Tristan, you’ll see how much fun it is to be alive when you’re dead….
To start off I want to make sure I mention this is a compilation of five short stories. I myself am not a huge fan of short stories because I feel like I don’t get a long enough time to really get to know the characters, or connect with them. One of my exceptions to this rule is when there is a compilation of short stories that take place in various worlds I already know, for example when you read an anthology that includes stories of Mercy Thompson’s world or Sookie Stackhouse’s. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by this compilation of short stories. 
From the first short story you are introduced to Tristan and Alex, Tristan who is a vampire and Alex who is just an ordinary human. You can tell that the two of them love each other but there is certainly more going on than meets the eyes. And the first story has a way of pulling at your heart strings in a way that is surprising and pleasant especially since it was only about 5 pages long. 
The next story has to do with Tristan and Alex meeting up with each other again after a long absence. For me I think this was my least favorite of all the stories. I found the interaction between the two of them to be cold and almost in a way semi-vengeful and not in a good way. I really felt bad for Alex within this story. 
Then they offer you a bit of a glimpse into a couple in love on vacation, and hey where does a vampire want to go to visit anyways? Why Egypt of course! I mean seriously with all the history and magical mojo going on with the pharaohs why wouldn’t a vampire want to hang out in a tomb. Hey death is right up their alley right? I found this story to be funny and more about these two people just being together. 
In story number four you find Tristan in some serious hot water. On the plus side it turns out Tristan has some friends as well as Alex who are willing to put themselves on the line to help Tristan out of this new found jam he had found himself in. I like this story because it has all kinds of elements in it, you see the love between Alex and Tristan as well as friendship and some humor. 
The fifth story is really the first time you see Tristan fully understand how much he loves Alex and how much he is willing to do for her. This story I would say is the most suspenseful of the bunch and highly enjoyable. This was the one story I wanted to read quickly from beginning to end just to find out what was going to happen next. 
Overall, I have to say I enjoyed all of the stories. I do have to mention they all have a lot of sex in them so this is not for the faint of heart or for those who blush easily. I would say this would be right up the alley of people who like paranormal romance or erotica. I can honestly say I would like for the author to make their story into a full length novel, because it would for sure be one I would read. 

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