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All That Matters
by S. Ravynheart and S.A. Archer
Donovan watched the four earthborn Sidhe abandon the dance floor to gather around him. Kieran flopped into one of the deep cushioned chairs and immediately started up with his barrage of questions. “What was it like? The Mounds?” Even though the noise of the Glamour Club thumped, Kieran’s power over sound ensured that only the lightest ambient music reached them. Kieran slung an arm around Trip, cuddling her against him. It wasn’t anything serious, just casual affection, although casual affection among the fey was often sexual in expression. Still, it was good to see the bonds beginning to forge within the group. It was essential in building their strength.
Donovan leaned forward, making eye contact with each of the youths to ensure he possessed their keen attention. He needed to make certain they were each clear on what he was going to share with them. That the gravity of his words weighed upon their souls. “The Mounds was much like Ireland might have appeared ages ago before it was crisscrossed with roads and steal replaced stone for construction. You’ve heard of Dublin. London. Belfast. Edinburgh. Great cities the humans have created. They do not compare to the artistry and splendor of the cities within the Mounds. There were all manner of fey living there. Sidhe. Brownie. Pixie. Changeling. Beyond the fey towns rolling emerald hills extended for miles and miles. The Unseelie and Seelie castles surveyed the land from opposite ends. Thanks to the magic of the Sidhe we lacked for nothing, not even weather or the appearance of a sky. It was more magical than you could imagine.”
He paused, giving them time to imagine that enchanted place, before Donovan’s expression darkened and his voice deepened with anger. “That was what it was like before the Seelie destroyed it.” He paused a moment, letting that sink in deeper. “In their lust for power, in their overwhelming greed, they drove your parents away from their homes.”
“Craving dominance over the Mounds, they relentlessly tried to crush the Unseelie. Even to the point of consuming the magic of the dark court to supplement their own. In stealing the Mounds from us, they ripped it away from everyone else. The Seelie destroyed it. The Seelie brought it crashing down upon everyone who had not fled, leaving them entombed, lost… forever.”
“Because of the Seelie, the Mounds are gone. Because of the Seelie, we are all that is left of the Sidhe.” Donovan’s hard gaze connected with each of the young earthborns gathered around him. The new Unseelie. His Unseelie. “We are all that matters now.”
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