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Today we are joined by Julie Losoya-Harthi, who is the author of Cosmo’s Reason. We will be reviewing the book later today so I hope you enjoy this little sneak peak into the world she has created. 
UFR: If you were picking a theme song for this book what would it be and why?
JLH: Now that is a question I never thought of.  I suppose I would pick Tourniquet by Evanescence.  I think Reason feels she owes her strength to Cosmo and that without him, she would not be the strong woman she has become in the book.  He is her tourniquet.
UFR: If Reason were in a book club, what book would it be and why? 
JLH: Reason would belong to LLewellyn’s Book Club because it contains all books on the supernatural world in which she lives.  Being a witch, she was always interested in learning more about her craft and how to improve it and they have the best selection of books on witchcraft.
UFR: Are there any characters in the book (and if so who and how so) that share personality traits with you?     
JLH: That question can be answered easily. 
 It is Reason.  I took much of my own personality and put it into her.  I sometimes say she is my alter-ego, the person I would like to be, but she also has many of my weaknesses as well.  She doesn’t realize how strong she actually is.
UFR: What was the hardest scene for you to write and why? 
JLH: That was the scene when Cosmo was hurt and Reason thought he was dying.  I actually cried when writing that part because I became so involved in the story line, it was like it was real to me.


UFR: I have to ask why you chose a pig named Sherman as the familiar, I mean you do see a lot of pigs in paranormal/fantasy books? Did you own a pig once or just a fan? 
JLH: That is a funny subject for me as I do actually own a pig named Sherman.  I took from that and even used his personality in the book.  He can be quite grumbly at times and loving on rare occasions.  Although my pig isn’t a shape-shifter, I think the way I made him in his other forms in the book is what he would look like if he was.  I didn’t really give any thought to the fact that pigs play a part in the supernatural when I started the book.   I just thought his personality would add some zest to the storyline.
UFR: For being a pretty average girl, there is a lot of action going on in Reason’s life, how did you find a way to balance what was going on with her externally as well as keep her sane? Did the moments of downtime help the most for her, or do you think she is just a strong willed woman who can roll with the punches so to speak? 
JLH: Reason is much stronger than she thinks she is.  She looked at herself as being average, but she never really was at all.  I feel that there is nothing Reason can’t handle if it comes to it for she will draw upon her inner strength and pull through anything.  Much like most women.  Women are much stronger than they think they are, but don’t get the chance to prove it.  I think Reason is a good roll model for woman.  She isn’t perfect in her own eyes, but she actually is perfect in a way.  And the average woman isn’t a stick-thin model or skinny teenager with long blond hair.
UFR: What are some of your favorite authors to read? Do you stick with the paranormal/urban fantasy genre or do you read a wider mix of books? 
JLH: I have so many that I love to read!  I do like to stick with paranormal romance, but also enjoy a good true story once in a while.  Some of my favorite authors are L.J. Smith,  Patricia Briggs,  J.R. Ward, Richelle Mead and Lara Adrian.  There are so many more that I have read and loved that I wouldn’t have room to write them all down here.  I love to read.  I tend to get lost in the books I read and get attached to the characters in the story.  It is a great escape.
UFR: Is there any advice that you would give to aspiring writers? 
JLH: Don’t give up your dream!  Make a schedule to write every day even if for only a short time so you don’t get stale and keep written notes.  Write about what you know even if writing fiction.  Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for help.  They can be the best critics even if you don’t always like what they have to say.  Most of all, believe in yourself.
UFR: Do you have any new books in the works? And if so would you like to tell our readers a little bit about it? 
JLH: I am now working on the second book in the Reason Regan series.  It is not titled as of yet, but filled with the same action and excitement as Cosmo’s Reason.  The next book will introduce new characters into the storyline that answer a couple questions the readers may have had in the first book as well as making the reader think.  It is full of twists and turns and a few surprises.  I am sure it will keep the readers on the edge of their seats, make them cry and make them laugh.
UFR: Finally, is there anything you want your potential readers to know about you or the book? 
JLH: The most important thing in Cosmo’s Reason was to touch the average woman.  One doesn’t have to be a movie star to find love and live a productive life.  I hope my book will help them put themselves in Reason’s place and live the story with her.

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