Between Seasons by Aida Brassington

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Patrick Boyle dies in the fall of 1970, just days before he’s due to report for the Vietnam War draft, which seems like a good thing until he realizes he’s stuck in the house with no indication of when he’ll be escorted to heaven. And after his parents leave the house, he’s trapped without company — until a mysterious woman who can channel his memories buys the house forty years later. The spring brings with it new life, but falling in love with the new owner may only bring heartbreak to them both.
This is a really intriguing concept for a book, I mean could you imagine being stuck in a house for years after your death? I myself am not a fan of a lot of ghost stories, mostly because they tend to lean towards the horror genre, and thank goodness this is not a horror genre book. I do however like a good story that makes the ghost a character that has depth as well as draws me into the character enough for me to forget that they are actually a non-corporeal person. 
Patrick’s story is just so sad right off the bat, you can’t help but feel bad for a guy who dies and is trapped in a house. It’s hard to watch the parents who have lost their child leave the house and watch poor Patrick have to go through his own wake. I think the most impressive thing about the book and about Patrick was that the book didn’t get stale. Even though the book takes place in one real location, with someone essentially stuck there, it never got repetitive. I can’t stress how much of an accomplishment it is that the book didn’t get old throughout the entire thing. 
I think the biggest concern for me in this book was, I was really craving some kind of emotional relationship with the two characters. So when Sara shows up my main concern was how the relationship was going to pan out and when she moved into the house, I literally felt like I was on pins and needles waiting to see how the two of them are going to finally going to talk and interact and maybe even fall in love. 
Overall I enjoyed the book, and the whole thing was a pleasant surprise. I’m not entirely sure I would recommend this book for YA readers, but anyone who likes a good romance or even looking for a new take on the idea of a “ghost” story. 

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