Ancient Canada by Clinton Festa

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In this epic tale, two sisters are exiled from their native land. The mythological world of Ancient Canada may be unlike anything you’ve read in a thousand years.
Little known fact about me is that I could not decide between being a literature major or a history major. Ultimately books won out, but anytime a book comes my way with a story history elements, I have to admit I do get kind of excited about it. I love to see people’s interpretations about how history played out, but this book is particularly looks at history in a new light, in a way creating an alternate history. 
Even though I was excited about the history aspect of this book, ultimately what a book comes down to for me is the characters. If I can identify with the characters, and when I flip the pages of the book I want the character to do well; well those are the kind of books I like and enjoy reading more than anything else. Luckily in this book there are two characters that I easily felt a connection to, both of the sisters are not only well written, but interesting in their own right. While it is easy to assume that Lavender would be the so called star of the book because of her talent to see life and death, her sister Marigold written so well that she is equally as unique and interesting to read. 
Now just because the book has characters I like in it does not mean that the story line is unimportant, because without a doubt the story line is very important. I really enjoyed followed the sisters on their journey through life together. The sisters are constantly having to adapt to life and the things that keep getting thrown their way. I think the thing that works the best in this book is that the girls are going through a lot of change, so it keeps the story fresh and moving. To me that keeps the reader interested in the story as a whole. 
Overall, I have to say that the book was pretty good. I think it was well researched, and that the author put a lot of time and effort into this book and it shows in spades. The world building is really good, and the falling in love with the characters is easy. I think I would recommend this book to urban fantasy readers, but also to readers who have a love for history as well (even if it is an alternate history so to speak). 

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