Quarter Square by David Bridger

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English carpenter Joe Walker thinks his life is over when he discovers his wife and best friend having an affair. Restoring an abandoned theatre offers little hope for a fresh start…until he follows a group of strangers through a hidden door into a world he never could have imagined.
In the haven known as Quarter Square, Joe encounters a community of supernatural street performers who straddle the mortal world and the magic realm known as the Wild. Here, Joe finds a sense of belonging he’s never known before—and a chance to uncover the truth behind the frightening visions that have haunted him since childhood. He also meets Min, an enchanting singer who quickly captures his heart.
But as Joe settles into Quarter Square, he learns their haven is under attack, while an ancient enemy threatens to tear him and Min apart. Now, Joe must learn to wield his own powers in order to save the life he’s come to love…
One of the things I like about urban fantasy is how an author decides to make the world: do they decide to hide magic/paranormal or do they put it right out there? If they hide the magical world, do paranormals/supernaturals live in everyday world, or is there a “Harry Potter” like setting, where you can step into a world from the normal world into one of magic and wonder. This is a hiding version is something I find to be really interesting, it allows all of the magical/supernatural elements to exist truly in a world where anything is possible that the author wants to be. It’s because of that reason I was looking forward to reading this book. 
I do enjoy a story being told where the male is the lead character, it provides a different perspective and it’s one I enjoy. I also always find it interesting when the lead is a male because most people look at it being such a huge and fundamental difference, but ultimately I feel like no matter what gender the main character is they still face the same obstacles and emotions, they just have different points of view or reactions. It’s in those differences that I find the story most interesting. 
The realm of the magic society is quite interesting, they seem to be a good of artistic types, with all of the personality types you would expect to find in a place such as this. And while the characters are well described and well written, it does not mean that I liked all of them. In fact my most hated character is that of Min, she just isn’t a nice person. When you read a book that has to do with reincarnated love, or love at first sight, you want the people to be in love and romantic and really kind and sweet to each other. Min just seemed like the kind of girl I would hate and often have the desire to punch in the face more than anything else. Their relationship does not scream one of romance. 
There is a lot about this world that would be better read within the book than read summary through a review. The unveiling of the world that Bridger has created is both interesting, well crafted, and well written. It is world reading the book on your own to go through that level of discovery. Overall, I think this is a good book and probably a good book for those of us who are looking for Urban Fantasy but a different take on it. 

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