Wishcraft by Lanie Kincaid

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Delilah Goodman has spent the past year doing what she does best: casting simple spells and trying to get over the heartbreaking betrayal that left her husband and her younger sister dead. Raised as a witch, there’s a lot she can do, and a lot she can’t, so she spends her time working as a pastry chef. She’s trying to heal, but in the meantime she’s become a regular at a bar down the street. And Brandon is just another night that she’ll remember and he won’t.
Brandon Stewart literally doesn’t know what hit him. He knows he went into the bar with his friends and after that . . . he just can’t recall. He does have a vague recollection of a hot blonde and a craving for pumpkin cake. With spiced whipped cream. And chocolate. 
Neither of them can fight the force that pulls them back together. As Brandon becomes more important to her, Delilah realizes that what she’s done is so very wrong. Her own sister altered her memories, and Delilah knows how it feels to be played. She has to come clean to Brandon.
I was given a copy of this book from NetGalley in return for an honest review. I was pretty interested in this book to start with because it came across as a primarily romance oriented novel. I have been ready a lot of heavy books lately, and although they all have had romantic elements I was really looking for a lighter romance novel to enjoy. This novel really did the trick for me. 
As I was reading I did notice that there might have been previous books in this series (after some investigation I found out it is a part of a series). I’m not sure if I read this book out of order, I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything if I did, so I really believe you could read this book as a stand alone and enjoy it without feeling lost or confused. 
The first thing that brought me in to the story really quickly, was how much I liked Delilah, the main character. I can honestly say I liked her from the minute I picked up the book, she’s one of those characters that you would want to know in real life and be friends with. Delilah has clearly had some bad things happen in her life, and is really just looking for a release or probably a better way of putting it is escape. And it’s easy to feel for her and pull for her, and to want her to get her happy ending. 
The man who is Delilah’s counter is Brandon, and I really do like him. He’s just a normal every day nice guy who Delilah picks up at a bar and never really intended to fall in love with. There is a lot of back and forth between the two of them, all trying to figure out what they really want to do. 
I like that they are both down to earth people and people that you really think you could meet in your own everyday life (all be it without the witchcraft element). Now the book wasn’t entirely lighthearted, and in fact there is a lot of for lack of better word, action, between the characters that goes beyond just romance. So maybe the book wasn’t quite the light and fluffy I was expecting, but it was definitely a good solid romance. 
Overall, I really did enjoy reading this book. It wasn’t an epic romance or anything like that, but it is a great book for those of you looking for a fun read and a little bit of an escape yourself. 

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