Moonlight Bleu by Renee Rearden

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Saari Mitchell sees a psychologist in order to understand why–500 years later–she’s still dreaming of her dead lover. Her shrink isn’t helping, the nightmares come every time she closes her eyes, and the lack of sleep is interfering with her job at Sacred Heart Hospital.
By day, Dhelis Guidry works as a detective for the new Angeles Police Department investigating the missing or murdered women in the Full-Moon Killer case. In his spare time he hunts rogue vampires as a Tueri executioner.
Brogan Vincent is a Tueri healer. Though he could offer his miraculous talents to the rich and powerful, he has chosen anonymity and peace by only using his psychic abilities among the Tueri.
One look into Saari’s tri-colored eyes and both men realize she is Tueri. One touch tells them each she’s their soul mate. But can either of them protect her from the Full-Moon Killer

I really enjoyed this book from start to finish, and the number one reason behind my enjoyment of this book rests primarily with originality. I love urban fantasy, I love everything about it. I am a huge fan of vampires, werewolves, shifters, and fae. And when I open up an urban fantasy book I am so ready to jump into one or a couple of those beings worlds. So when an author is able to step out of the box and do something out of the ordinary I take notice.

To begin I love the Tueri race as a whole, I have never heard of it before, so I am assuming they came completely out of Rearden’s mind. I like the way they are described with the tri-colored eyes, and how they each have different skills. Because Saari doesn’t know much about the Tueri, you get basically a Tueri 101 education. And truthfully just the right amount of information about the race, Rearden gives hints about the complexity but never gives away all the secrets. Personally I think this is a smart move, Saari is not ready to know everything and if the reader knew everything I think it would have been an overload of information.

Characters wise I enjoyed all of them. I think part of the reason I enjoy all the characters so much is because the story is told from several peoples points of view. I think this works best because there is a lot of complicated relationships, and if it had been told from say just Saari’s point of view it would have been hard to connect with the other characters. Not to worry though, the shifts in who is telling the story is never confusing, and easy to follow along with.

Saari a character I believe has yet to come into her own yet. She doesn’t really know who she is yet, so as a reader it’s really easy to connect with her and share in her desire to find out more about her. Another reason why I like her is she is not some superwoman, she is someone who has weaknesses, finds herself in situations an everyday person finds themselves in. She’s as normal as normal can be for someone who isn’t exactly human. She’s haunted by a past love (and come on how many of us have been there before although without the curse part), has a day job, and a trusty girl-friend to take her out on her birthday.

As for the men in this story, they are fantastic. It’s such an interesting thing to have a “love triangle” if you will, but have it be okay and accepted. And to have everyone, while admit their feelings of jealousy, but those feelings aside. I think it really shows the depth of character for the leading men in this book. I could go into a ton of detail about the men, but so much of the fun in this book going through this journey with them and I don’t want to ruin it.

If I had to pick on complaint for this book it would be that the first couple of chapters were a little hard to catch on to. They were good chapters, and kept my attention; but a lot of information was given all at once and I will admit to rereading a few pages just to make sure I got all the details down. It only lasted for 2 to 3 chapters though, and then I had no more confusion throughout the book at all.

Overall, this was a great and unique read. There is nothing I like more than reading something original. To not know what is around the corner. I would recommend this to all urban fantasy lovers and I truly think you will love it because of it’s originality.

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