Barely Human by Trace Riles

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Synopsis: Now you see her. Now you don’t Recently promoted, Jessie is struggling to get into the groove of things alongside her edgy and more experienced partner. Lately she’s found it increasingly difficult to hide an ability she can’t control, and doesn’t understand. While investigating the murder of a local teen, she discovers the shocking truth about what she really is. Worse, she suspects the killer that continues to hunt teenage girls is closer to her than she could ever have guessed. As she delves deeper into a world where demons, vampires, and werewolves not only exist, but are all around us, unlikely friendships blossom as a group of misfits band together to put a stop to a madman’s murderous rampage.
Review: This is one of those times I really enjoy being a book reviewer. Sure it’s great to get books from all different kinds of authors and to have the ability to try out books I don’t normally see at my neighborhood book store, but every once in a while a book comes up in my review queue that makes me so happy to do this day in and day out. From the first page I knew this book was going to be one I liked. 
To start I loved the writing in this book. The writing was really smart, nothing was dumbed down, it was compelling, made you want to turn the page. Descriptions where very well done, but not overly detailed. Just overall the writing was good, it made reading the book both easy and fun. 
I loved Jessie as a character, she kind of reminds me of myself a little bit, but only a tad. Riles gives her such a great inner dialogue. When Jessie first describes her partner Ray you know exactly what to expect, that Ray is a hard ass. And every time Ray would get on Jessie’s case about something, Jessie’s inner dialogue matched what I would be thinking too. Something about the way that Riles writes Jessie makes it so easy for the reader to not only identify with her, but also to pull for her, to be right there in the situation with her. Another great aspect about Jessie is from the very beginning you know there is something “supernatural” about her, after all everyday humans don’t “flicker” from one room to the next in their sleep. Of course Jessie has no idea what is going on with her either, so you as a reader get to find out her secrets at the same time as she does. 
I also want to mention how much I like the back and forth between Jessie’s point of view and the demon point of view. They contrasted each other so well. And it was really interesting to get to see what the other side of the story was thinking. 
There isn’t much more I can say about the book without giving away all the fun tidbits you will want to discover on your own. I will say that it does has a bit of mystery paranormal genre mash up to it, so I think this book would appeal to a larger audience. I would say if you like anything supernatural give this book a shot, and if you like mystery/crime books, this would be a good book to try out the supernatural genres. Check it out!
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