Awakening by Karice Bolton

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So unfortunately I haven’t been able to read nearly as much as a like, so for that reason alone I was excited to get back to reading with this book. And what’s more is I always like a tale about fallen angels, there are so many different takes on the concept it’s so much fun to try and figure out how the author envisions their characters.

The basic plot of this book centers mainly around Ana and Athen. Ana is a white demon (child of a fallen angel) and she has been separated from her family and has no memory of them. This book is primarily her journey of reawakening and regaining the person she was before she lost her memory. This is a rather slow process because she is not just getting memories back but also getting her special abilities back as well. Athen is the love of her life from before and he is essential in not only awakening her but also in protecting her.

Much of this process is frustrating for Ana, mostly because she doesn’t always understand what is going on with her. I often time felt her frustration as well as the story progress. Her family, Arie, Cyril, and Athen sometimes do a truly terrible job at giving her information. In their defense they do seem to be withholding information from her out of concern, but it often leads to confusion, fear, and unpreparedness for Ana.

One of the main issues I had with this book was that I felt it moved to quickly. I really enjoyed the concept of losing a family member and then finding them and bringing them back into the fold, but the execution of the concept gave me some pause. The beginning of the book moved at the perfect pace. I felt connected to Ana and what she was feeling. And then somewhere along the middle events started happening at a much quicker rate, and were lacking in the detail compared to the beginning of the book, ultimately I stopped identifying with Ana as much, as well as sometimes feeling like I didn’t have enough information to really understand the plot as it was developing.

That being said the general plot is solid. Like I said I liked the idea of the family and the awakening, and as the book progresses you find out there is something larger at work. It was enjoyable to follow along with trying to unravel the greater evil, as well as figure out how the white demons were going to fight against it.

The characters I did enjoy though for the most part. Ana’s emotions all make sense and feel very organic to her as a character, and early on in the book it was very easy to identify with her. Arie is a fun loving character, and you can tell in the scenes with her in her element, that if you were around her in real life it would be hard to be anything but happy. Cyril provides a great balance to Arie, as well as being a rather funny guy himself, there were times in the book I needed a good giggle and Cyril was always the one to provide it. Athen is a good character as well, although out of everyone I felt he was the most annoying. All of his actions are done specifically to try and protect the woman he loves, but often I felt like his over protectiveness was stifling and his complete aversion to being intimate with Ana felt out of place and inorganic for the two characters. That being said he is still a solid character and a good guy.

The book definitely leaves the reader wanting to know what happens next to this family (talk about a cliff hanger), and so while there were elements I didn’t always like in the book, the good elements way outweighed those so I am going to give it a “Good” rating. I think this book is a good book for urban fantasy readers, and while it is a love story there is little actual romance, so if you are looking for hot and heavy this might not be the book. Overall solid book.


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