Falling Hard by J.K. Coi

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Falling Hard was such a good read. It has one of new favorites in the paranormal field, angels. And more than that it has a delightful set of role reversal. In so many books that you read these days, even when the heroine is strong and can kick butt on her own, she is also the one that (to a least a little bit) needs saving. In this book, Gabriel, is really the one who needs to be protected, and he is protected, by a girl, Amelia. I found this switch up of the stereotype to be not just interesting, but also it made the book all the more fun to read.

To give you a little bit of synopsis of the book, Gabriel carried Lucifer’s soul within him. Amelia is an angel who is sworn to watch over him and protect him, her goal is to keep Lucifer from wrecking havoc on earth. Of course there is a lot more to the story than that. Gabriel is a real life rock star, groupies, big concerts, and recognized all over the place. You would think someone with that kind of status would have an easy life but not Gabriel. Gabriel kind of breaks your heart the more you learn about his past and how tortured he is. Just when you think you think his tortured past can’t get worse it does. For me it endeared him to me, I wanted good things to happen to him so that he could really experience something good, because lets face it if anyone needs something good to happen to them its him.

Amelia as a character is really interesting, she almost strikes me as emotionally childlike. Throughout the story she literally has to learn about how to be human and human feelings, because all she has ever been is an angel who deals with angel things, or watched Gabriel from afar. Even though she is so new at being in the human realm she is a force to be reckoned with, she is a strong warrior.

Combined the two of them are both two complete opposites. Gabriel is just a ball of human emotion, constantly dealing with his anger, rage, guilt, and sorrow over the events of his life. And Amelia is far more logical because most of her existence does not involve the emotions that make Gabriel so rash. By the end of the book I really think the two of them have started to share with each other parts of their personalities, and have both grown from knowing each other.

There is a great deal of romance in this book, as it is a paranormal romance of course. I would like to say that Coi does a good job of writing those scenes, and more over she writes the scenes true to the characters within them. What I mean by this is the sex scenes in the book could not be transplanted into another book or story and they make sense. It’s not just a romp in bed, she brings both characters essence into the scene through both action and thought, which I believe makes Coi a great writer, and also helps the reader continue to identify with the characters.

Overall, I am giving this book a good rating. It really is a good paranormal romance, and a thoroughly enjoyable read. I believe anyone who likes paranormal romance would enjoy reading this book, and it is one of the more unique books in this genre I have read. Coi brings a lot of elements into the book, like her use of music throughout, to make it so unique. For that reason alone I would recommend the book.

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