Cataclysm by CL Parker

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This book came to me as part of a book tour, which I love. Promoting authors new works is probably one of my favorite things to do. However, this is book 2 of the series, so I wanted to read the first book, Supernova, first. I would recommend the first book, because it’s a fantastic read much like this book.

The first think I want to mention about Parker’s writing is that it’s super easy to read. You sit down with the book in hard, and your eyes just flow over the paper (or screen for my case). Before you even realize it you’re sucked into the plot and the characters. It’s almost like the writing is effortless, but still smart.

I must also say that I liked reading and experiencing life with these characters. And more over what I enjoyed was that these characters weren’t stagnant. When you meet Kerrigan in the first book, she hadn’t quite grown into herself yet, her life had mostly been controlled or guided one way or the other. Book one she really grows into herself as a character as well as becoming a Guardian of the Light. In book two she is able to really understand more about herself and abilities, so the reader is really able to follow along with her and her journey. The Kerrigan that Parker created is not just some girl riding the wave of a plot, but rather a character who has depth that just increases as the story goes on.

I’m fairly certain everyone who reads these books is going to be happy when they get to the romance department. And the one thing I appreciate about Parker, much like her character development is also her relationship development. She doesn’t just have two characters suddenly like each other and jump into bed, it took time to build up Kerrigan and Dominic as characters and as people heading down a romance road. Although most of the build up is in Supernova, it still read as two people organically reaching the next part of the relationship. There is a lot more romance in this book than the previous, or rather it is more hot action in it compared to the first.

The one bone I have to pick with this book is that I missed Gabe. Gabe was one of my favorite characters in the first book, he reminded me of my best friend in high school. The guy who was unafraid to say anything that came into his head, and was assured of himself, as well as being a good friend to Kerrigan. I wish he had more of a role in this book.

Overall, I am going to say this is a good book, and a fun paranormal romance. This is definitely a read for people who like paranormal romance, and I think that most of us urban fantasy readers would like it as well.

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