Echoes of Magic by Donna Grant

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This was my second book in Donna Grant’s Sisters of Magic series, and I think the hardest thing I had to decide about this book was which one I liked more. Although I would like to point out to all potential readers that this book could be read by itself (Grant does a great job at updating the reader on past events without it being overwhelming), although every though you could read it on its own I think you should read the first book for the full effect.

This series has to do with witches and the men that they come across and end up helping. In the last book we went through Serena’s journey with Drogan, and were briefly introduced to the main characters in this book, Grayson and Adrianna. This story starts off with Adrianna finding Grayson in the forest near death, and so she helps him to recover, only to realize he is being hunted by the same evil that was hunting Drogan in the previous book. This book documents their journey to find the evil and defeat it while finding themselves pulled to each other even more with every passing day.

The one thing that was strikingly different in this book to the previous was Grayson is motivated by finding out about his past, more specifically about his mother. When he was a child his mother was taken, and he has been bidding his time until he went back to his home and find the answers as to what happened to his mother. I find this to be a nice change, it made the book not just about fighting evil, it keep this book from being repetitive to the previous.

I also think this book had more sexual content in the than the previous, but once again, Grant is very capable at writing the sex scenes, and none of it came off as cheesy. And because it is a historical period book, it was written in a way that was consistent with the time which I appreciate.

Another thing I also appreciated in this book, was that Grant did a great job at keeping the story going. The book kept the reader engaged, as well as introduced a lot of information that kept the plot fresh. She revealed only enough to keep the reader wanting to know more and then held off on more for later. It’s because of this that I don’t feel like I can talk about the specifics of a lot of the plot, because so much of it leads up to a very spoilerific ending.

Overall, I am going to call this yet another good book by Grant. Her third book is going to be coming out at the end of the month and is going to deal with the character of Cade, and I have to say I am looking forward to reading the final book in the trilogy. As with the previous book, I think if you like paranormal romance you will like this book, even if you only like historical romances this would be a good read as well.

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