Etchings of Power by Terry Simpson

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I am rather new to the epic fantasy genre (my husband is a huge fan and has been trying to get me into epic fantasy for years). I wasn’t more than 3 chapters in when I knew this would be a book my husband would love. And truth be told by the time the book was finished it was a book I really enjoyed reading, and with any luck all the epic fantasy books I read will be of this quality.

The book takes place in the world of Denestia, which is made up of nations, and nations that not always get along. There world is being threatened, and that means that people who don’t always get along or come from different backgrounds have to come together to fight against the enemy, the Shade.

I want to say first about this book that the writing is really good. In general, he was descriptive enough to paint a picture of what was going on but not so much so that the reader couldn’t use their own imagination to create their own visuals to accompany. The plot was solid, although it could be mentioned that a lot of books incorporate a enemy that threatens the world, but that does not mean this book is not unique. The thing that makes this book unique is not the general plot like, but the characters within it. They all bring their own personalities, strengths, weaknesses, and personal demons to the reader in a way that allows the reader to empathize with them and create an interesting world and plot to read about.

Ryne is an interesting character while within the book he plays the part of the hero, he is a not a hero that doesn’t have a past. Ryne doesn’t remember a lot of his path, and often times within the book he has to stop himself from giving into what he refers to as “bloodlust”. He often at battle with himself while trying to protect others. I found him interesting from the beginning of the book, from just his physical description alone. He’s an 8 foot tall man who is covered in tattoos, tattoos that you find out help to supply him with some of his power.

I also appreciated that the book had a woman character, I’m a girl so I appreciate finding men authors who write women in their books that are more than just the romantic interest and play no real part other than that. Simpson doesn’t do that, which I appreciate. Irmina is every bit as capable as the men in the story, and she can hold her own.

Overall, I am going to call this an exciting read. The world building is quite good, and well thought out, the characters vivid and easy to identify with, the plot is interesting. There was seldom a moment while reading this book that I thought it lagged, it kept me engaged the whole way through. I think this book will be a good read for anyone who enjoys epic fantasy books.

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