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Today I am joined by Donna Grant, and later today I will be posting the review for her book Echoes of Magic. This latest book is a part of her Sisters of Magic series and if you haven’t read the first book yet, Shadow Magic, I suggest you read it!

UFR: Thank you for joining us today. I want to start with why you chose to write historical fantasy. I have read many books in epic fantasy with similar tones or fantasy set in modern times, but this was my first real historical fantasy. What drew you to this?
DG: I’ve always loved history, but fantasy and paranormal have always intrigued me as well. There aren’t many historical paranormal writers, and I loved the mix of the two genres. With historical your tied to certain things your characters can and can’t do. With paranormal you aren’t. So, it’s a great mash up for characters.

UFR: When writing this series did you ever find yourself slipping into modern dialect?
DG: Lol. I laugh at this all the time, especially when reviewers say the dialect is too modern when they read a historical. If authors wrote in the dialect that was spoken at the time no one would read it. Yes, we do try to make it as modern as we can, trying our best not to use certain words that are definitely more our time, but we don’t always get it right. Which is why its called fiction. 😉

UFR: Serena (in Shadow Magic) is a delightful mix of delicate and powerful. If you had to pick one thing about her as a character you love what would it be?
DG: Her strength. She soldiers on no matter what. I think it’s a lesson anyone can learn from her character. Fate gave her an pretty awful life and magic gave her an ability no one wanted, yet she makes the best of everything.

UFR: Serena is a bana-bhuidseach (or witch), and her peoples power lies with the gift of premonition. Is this a gift you wish you had yourself?
DG: Hmmm….I don’t know. In some ways yes, because then I could stop an accident, but in other ways no. Life is supposed to happen the way its supposed to happen. I’d rather not know. :S

UFR: Your books involve sword fighting, which can sometimes be both hard to write and hard for the reader to follow along with. The battles within your series are very well written and super clear and easy to follow along. What kind of research did you do to get these scenes written so eloquently?
DG: Thank you. I do/did lots of research involving watching sword fights in movies as well as reading as much as I could about swords and how the different swords were used. There have been times reading a book I get lost in a fight because I don’t know who is doing what. I try to make it as clear as I can without losing the reader.

UFR: The second book in the series, Echoes of Magic, brings one of the secondary characters from the first book, Grayson, to the forefront. Who did you enjoy writing more, Grayson or Drogan, and why?
DG: Oh, Grayson for sure. Drogan had a dark past, but did his duty. Grayson tried to forget his past until he couldn’t, then he wanted to face it all and damn the consequences.

UFR: Since it’s December, I’m giving all my interviews a Christmas flare. If you had to pick what present your characters would desire the most what would they be?
DG: Hmm…for Grayson I’d say a new sword. For Adrianna I’d say a new gown.

UFR: Now that we know what presents your characters desire, what is your dream present (money being no object).
DG: Being able to travel to my hearts content. ☺

UFR: I normally ask authors what theme song they would pick for their books, but your book is historical, so instead I’ll ask what music do you listen to while writing?
DG: I listen to soundtracks from movies like King Arthur, Immortals, Thor, Troy, etc…

UFR: Finally, Is there anything you want your potential readers to know about the series.
DG: It’s a trilogy, and the third book DANGEROUS MAGIC will release Dec 27. This book features one of my favorite all time heroes – Cade. If you love dark and dangerous heroes, he’s the one for you! ☺

UFR: I want to thank you so much for visiting Urban Fantasy Reviews, I have enjoyed reading your books and getting to know the characters. I’m looking forward to all your future work. 🙂
DG: Thank you so much! I enjoyed being here. Merry Christmas everyone!

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