Fate of the Fallen by Sharron Riddle

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Another book about angels has come my way, and I must say I was hooked from the first chapter. This book basically follows a family of brothers and sisters who were born from a Fallen Angel and a Goddess. This book mixes religion/mythology together, but does it in a manner that is enjoyable and doesn’t feel contrived. Even though the book follows the family, the books main character is Eva. And boy is Eva a fun character to follow along with.

Eva, and all of her family, work for the DMA, which essentially hunt down and kill demons who have come out of hell and wreck their havoc on earth. Eva and her brother Abaddon are sent to dispatch of one of the largest gatherings on earth that Eva can remember. Eva, while being the youngest is also the strongest, so that is why she is sent with her brother who is the oldest. The demons end up being a part of a plot that would essentially end life as everyone knows it, human, angel, and demon alike. I can’t say anything more than that without giving away all the secrets of the book.

Eva is a rather cheeky character, she is sarcastic, a bit girly at some moments, and always says what’s on her mind. She is a strong heroine that is to be sure, but she is also not appreciated like she should be by her family, in fact most of her family treat her like she is a pariah and blame her for their mother’s death. Even in spite of all of that she shows up when her family calls, although she stands up for herself. She is wildly underestimated by many, but she never lets it get her down, she uses it to her advantage. She is a great character to follow the story along with, and even in moments where there is no action she keeps the reader engaged just through personality alone.

Rahab is another character I want to touch on briefly. You really don’t know what to think about him in the beginning, you are made aware that he played some kind of role in the death of one of Eva sisters, and everyone acts like at any moment he is going to strike and kill them all. But as you get to know him he ends up being a surprising and in some regards, quite vulnerable character. But he always has Eva’s back, so he’s a good guy in my book.

The book bring family dynamics to a whole new meaning. To say this family is dysfunctional would be putting it mildly. They all seem to hide things from each other, lie outright, do basically whatever they want, and then make Eva feel bad for being who she is, when they all have done about a million times worse. At the term “daddy issues” doesn’t even begin to explain Eva’s issues with her own father.

Overall, I think this is a pretty good book, there is a little something for everyone. There is romance for the paranormal romance folk. The urban fantasy people will really love the progression of the story as well as Eva as a main character. And for those of you who like a lot of action, this book is not going to disappoint. I sincerely hope this book ends up having a sequel, the ending of this book makes me believe if there was a sequel it would be a pretty entertaining read for sure!

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