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 I finished reading and review book three of the Beasts book by Leanore Elliot before we finished with our interview. And I must say after reading some of her answers to my questions, I found myself liking the characters in the books a little more now that I understood a little of the roots behind them. I must say I did enjoy reading the book, and I hope that you do as well, and that you enjoy the chat that Leanore Elliot and I had. 
1. If you had to pick a theme song for this book, what would it be?
Need You Tonight by INXS
{All you got is this moment…Twenty-first century’s yesterday…You can care all you want…Everybody does, yeah that’s okay
So, slide over here and give me a moment… Your needs are so raw, I’ve got to let you know…You’re one of my kind…}
So sexy that song is.
2. What is Payne’s favorite movie? Is he true to his character with the “bad ass” movies like his personality, or would we be surprised?
 No, he is a true Dirty Harry type of cop…. Die Hard, absolutely.

3. What was the hardest scene to write and why?
Most of Beasts 3 was way too fun to write, but this scene was hard.
Payne kept his expression blank.“Go back to your clan, Merger girl. Where you belong.”
Valentine rose from the grassy earthen floor to face him. “I’m your queen, my dear beast, in case you’ve forgotten. So, just take a wild guess about where I belong?”
He fought the urge to flinch at her words. “Not if I—“
“Go ahead and run, you cowardly king. But remember, I will follow.” She shrugged. “And you’re the one who made it possible!” She laughed. “This time you’ll pay for that particular sin.”
“I don’t want you anymore.” His tone rang icy through the glade. “And, I don’t believe in retribution of the moral kind.”
She winced with a visible tremor at his cruel words.
He smiled maliciously at her while he grew to full beast size. “So, I got bored.” He shrugged as the miserable lie almost stuck in his throat. “It happens to beasts who live forever, didn’t you know?”
Tears filled her glimmering blue eyes. “You deserve to be a cold and lonely king.” She shot up into the clear blue.
“Yes, I do, and the cold will last forever.” He sighed with sorrow, as he shimmered and disappeared.
(You can see why. But he did it for her own good.)
 4. Do any of the characters share some of your own personality traits? And if so how? 
No  way! I write opposite traits from myself as far away as it gets.
5. It always interests me to find out why authors chose the locations they do. What made you pick California? 
I am a So. Cal. Girl, originally. But the gritty streets of LA is the place for Payne and Malibu would be the place for Valentine.
6. One of my favorite things about urban fantasy/paranormal romance is the wide range of races/species you come across. I myself go through phases where I prefer one to the other, so I am curious to find out why you chose to write about “beasts” in this trilogy? Was there something about the mythology behind it that intrigued you?
Nope, not at first, because I did not know what creature would appear on the page…not at all. When they did appear? I was so intrigued. I did a double take and said, WHOA—wait up! I went hunting and found that they are in almost every Lore and Legend all over the world.
7. This book involves investigating a rather grizzly serial killer, where did you draw your inspiration from? Did you find writing the more “bloody” scenes hard to write?
My inspiration came from CSI of course, lol. I also love the Dexter series and no, the bloody parts did not bother me.
8. When did you start writing, and how did you get into the paranormal romance genre?
I started to write at age 8. But in truth, I in fact, have lived a paranormal life and they say, write what you know.
9. Most of us have authors that we favor above all else, who are those authors for you?
A hard one. Rosemary Rogers, because I was 14 and never knew about real hot romance until her book ,”Sweet Savage Love” I love the old Century Poets, Browning, Poe, Blake , Lord Byron and Dante. My first time captured by a novel? The Flame and the Flower by Kathleen Woodiwiss: It was a sort of rough and tumble Romance, and I loved it:
“Doomed to a life of unending toil, Heather Simmons fears for her innocence–until a shocking, desperate act forces her to flee. . . and to seek refuge in the arms of a virile and dangerous stranger.” 
10. Finally, is there anything you would say to future readers of this book. 
If you like hot, hungry men who make you laugh aloud, along with fast cars and a powerful sensuous ride that makes you gasp? This would be the book for you.
That last answer is especially true, I hope you all enjoyed this interview and so out and read the book, it’s only .99 on Amazon, so go check it out!

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