Sins of the Angels by Linda Poitevin

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Everything you could every want in a book about angels. I have been looking forward to this book for quite some time now. The author, Linda Poitevin, did a guest post on a blog I follow, Magic and Mayhem, and the minute I saw she wrote a book about angels I knew I wanted to read this book. Angels have always been an intriguing subject matter to me, and I have been wanting to find a book that brings angels into the urban fantasy realm successfully. For me this is that book.

There is a lot to say about this book, but I think first a foremost you have to mention the amount of research and thought that was put into the book. It is beyond clear from chapter one that Poitevin did her research and really thought about how she was going to build this world. Personally I’m awed that she was able to build such a complex world that did not come off as overwhelming or confusing for the reader. A lot of times if you put to much information into one book it can end up doing more harm than good, by making the story to hard to follow. This was so not the case for this book. The world building is amazing. One of my favorite authors is Rachel Vincent, and it mostly stems from the fact I think Vincent is a fantastic world builder. In my opinion Poitevin is just as good if not better as Vincent is in creating a world that is both intriguing, informative, and truly propels the story and doesn’t hinder it.

I already mentioned that I was excited about this book because it centered on angels. I want to explain why I think that fact alone makes this book stand out. While this book certainly with out a doubt falls into the category of urban fantasy, I think angels are a seriously under utilized element. What this amounts to is that the book is unique. Frankly in this day and age it’s refreshing to see a really unique work be released.

And now onto the specifics of the book itself, the book centers around Alex, a homicide cop in the middle of what can only be described as a horrific serial killer investigation. Aramael is the other character, and he is a hunter of fallen angels. His work gets complicated when the fallen angel he hunts is his brother, and he is further limited by the fact he has to hunt him as a human would, in fact he hunts him along side Alex, pretending to be a homicide detective.

The relationship between Alex and Aramael is complex to say the least. Not only is their situation complex, but their reactions to one another border on the extreme. But regardless of the fact that two of them seem to want to throw things at each other, they are pulled together. The chemistry these two have, whether it be positive or negative is powerful and compelling for the reader to follow along. In the end the reader can really identify with both of them, and ultimately pulls for them in the end.

The subject matter can be considered dark, or at the very least intense; after all it begins with a grizzly serial killer investigation. But even so it’s not depressing for the reader, in fact I had the opposite reaction, I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next (in fact I finished the book at 4:30am, I literally couldn’t put it down after I intended to only start the book last night and finish it today). I love any book that makes me not want to move for hours and shut myself off from the world, and this book did all that and more.

I love this book. I would recommend it to anyone who likes Urban Fantasy. Hell I would encourage anyone who like anything supernatural or fantasy related to give it a shot. If you are looking for a light hearted UF book though I might suggest waiting to read this book until you aren’t in that kind of mood, but I still recommend you read it, cause it’s amazing. I can’t wait to read the sequel, and if I wasn’t dying of sleep deprivation and participating in NaNo I would seriously consider reading the book again. GO BUY THIS BOOK!

You should also check out the author’s website, she has a lot of background information on the subject matter,

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