High Midnight by Rob Mosca

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Synopsis: Ghouls, crytids, homicidal clowns, knife wielding chimps and the best damn phantom bordello north of the border… welcome to Unity, Texas! A gonzo pulp western for the 21st century, High Midnight is a timeless tale of blood and redemption set against a preternatural and pre-apocalyptic Texas.

Review: I am a very new reader to the horror genre. I think this may actually be my first horror book, but as a lover of books I figured I would give the genre a go. Mosca’s writing is really well done, descriptions are very vivid, and it is very easy for the reader to picture the scenes unfolding in their own minds. One of the first things I noticed when I started reading the book was how easy it was to follow even with the use of flashbacks, something I really appreciate in an author.

When you start reading this book it is clear you are entering a universe that quite different from your own: homicidal clowns, a sheriff drinking out of a bottle of liquor while on duty, and of course “sleep walkers” on a mission to devour anything in their path.

The story starts out introducing the main characters, and it ultimately comes down to the gang of clowns and the sheriff. The gang of clowns are clearly only interested in themselves and willing to do anything to get what they want. The Sheriff is introduced as a very flawed man, as law enforcement you would expect him to represent good, which while he ultimately does fight for good he has his own evils within him. In many ways this book is kind of a warped version of the classic good versus evil tale, with redemption of certain characters along the way.
While I don’t think this book is necessarily for me, I can think of at least five of my friends who would love this book. For that reason alone I am going to give this book a rating of “Like It” because even though it isn’t one of my favorites, it’s well-written, amusing at parts, and would clearly be a good read for fans of this genre.


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