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Call Me, Maybe by Ellie Cahill

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Call Me, Maybe by Ellie CahillCall Me, Maybe by Ellie Cahill
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Friendship, Romance
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Clementine Daly knows she’s the black sheep. Her wealthy, powerful family has watched her very closely since she almostgot caught in an embarrassing scandal a few years ago. So when Clementine’s sent on a mission to live up to the Daly name, politely declining isn’t even an option. Of course, the last thing Clementine does before departure is grab a stranger’s phone by mistake—leaving the hunky journalist with her phone. Soon his sexy voice is on the line, but he doesn’t know her real name, or her famous pedigree—which is just the way Clementine likes it.

Despite all the hassles, Justin Mueller is intrigued to realize that the beautiful brown-eyed girl he met at the airport is suddenly at his fingertips. They agree to exchange phones when they’re both back in town, but after a week of flirty texts and wonderfully intimate conversations, Justin doesn’t want to let her go that easy. The only problem? It turns out that Clemetine has been lying to him about, well, everything. Except for the one thing two people can’t fake, the only thing that matters: The heat between them is for real.
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So I must confess, I picked up this book because of the title, I kind of love the song by the same name, it always gets me super amped. But once I was sold on the title, I read the synopsis and I was intrigued. I liked the whole idea that two people could get to know each other via text message. I mean I realize it’s similar to meeting someone online, but for me this seemed more personal. I mean most people these days have their whole lives on their phones, and this was basically trusting a complete stranger with access.

I really loved the interaction of Clementine and Justin while they were communicating by text (and the occasional phone call). They were really kind of cute, it was kind of flirty at first, and then getting to know each other, becoming interested in one another, and finally deciding to meet in person for more than just a phone exchange. When they had their first meeting together I was so happy that the chemistry they had on the phone managed to carry into real life.

I liked Clementine, she was interesting to me, kind of unique. While she was definitely an adult, she almost has kind of an innocent naiveté to her. She’s been kind of hovered over her whole life, she comes from a prominent family, with more money they they could even need. She made one mistake in the eyes of her family, and it changed the whole way she lived her life. She sent pictures to a boy she was dating a trusted, and it ended with a big payout to keep him quiet, and the way her family treats her, like it is 100% her fault and not the jack-weasel who basically targeted her and blackmailed her. She has no social media presence, she keeps everyone on her phone listed under code names, it’s sad how she kind of is forced to live her life, even though she is an adult. But she a secret persona, she’s a book blogger and has social media as the book blogger. It’s her big passion, and obviously it’s one that I can totally identify with. I was really happy that through the course of the book she evolved and really came into her own and learned that she had to follow her dreams.

Now Justin is just a good guy. I liked him a lot. He was just the right amount of normal for Clementine, and better than that he was so open to letting her into his world without question. He encouraged her when it came to figuring out what she wanted to do with her life. He is just one of those guys that you would want to bring home to mom and dad, just solid all around guy. Yes of course there was some conflict towards the end of the book, and I was little perturbed with Justin, but I understood where he was coming from, and I honestly really liked the way they interacted.

I liked the characters, I loved the chemistry, they had some seriously hot interactions. I was totally invested in these two, and more than that I really enjoyed the writers style of writing. I would easily recommend this book, and I look forward to reading more of this author in the future.
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About Ellie Cahill

Liz Czukas is a freelance writer (on sometimes sad or boring topics), and also writes books for young adults (which are rarely sad and full of kissing). Before that, she was a nurse and she still kind of misses starting IVs.
She lives outside Milwaukee, WI with her husband, son and the world’s loudest cat. She types too loud (according to her husband), spends too much time on the Internet, and can’t get enough of disaster movies. There is *always* a song stuck in her head, and she once won a hula-hoop contest.

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Call Me Maybe Release Blast!

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by Ellie Cahill
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Ellie Cahill
Releasing on February 9, 2016


 Ellie Cahill is definitely one to watch!” raves bestselling author Cora Carmack, and this steamy, upbeat modern romance about connecting in all the best ways proves it once again.
Clementine Daly knows she’s the black sheep. Her wealthy, powerful family has watched her very closely since she almost got caught in an embarrassing scandal a few years ago. So when Clementine’s sent on a mission to live up to the Daly name, politely declining isn’t an option. Of course, the last thing she does before boarding the plane is to grab a stranger’s phone by
mistake—leaving the hunky journalist with her phone. Soon his sexy voice is on the line, but he doesn’t know her real name, or her famous pedigree—which is just the way Clementine likes it.
Despite all the hassles, Justin Mueller is intrigued to realize that the beautiful brown-eyed girl he met at the airport is suddenly at his fingertips. They agree to exchange phones when they’re both back in town, but after a week of flirty texts and wonderfully intimate conversations, Justin doesn’t want to let her go. The only problem? It turns out that Clemetine has been lying to him about, well, everything. Except for the one thing two people can’t fake, the only thing that matters: The heat between them is for real.
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Leaving Yesterday Release Blast

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by Zoe Dawson
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Laurel Falls #1
Zoe Dawson
Releasing on February 9, 2016


If you love Susan Mallery, Kristan Higgins, or Rachel Gibson, don’t miss the start of this captivating small-town romance series! Laurel Falls, Montana, features spectacular mountain scenery—but it takes a rugged cowboy to convince one woman to slow down and enjoy the view.
Rafferty Hamilton doesn’t plan on putting down roots anytime soon. With her divorce final, the hotel heiress has left Manhattan behind to scout new locations for her family’s chain of resorts. Which is why it’s so frustrating to be stranded in Laurel Falls while a good-looking, slow-talking, Stetson-wearing mechanic takes his sweet time with her overheated coupe.
A decorated vet who paid his dues in Afghanistan, Trace Black can fix anything with an engine and get it revving—even Rafferty’s ridiculous sports car. He’s couldn’t say the same for the knockout driver, who looks like she’s never gripped a gear shaft in her life. Women like Rafferty don’t usually stick around in Laurel Falls, but Trace finds himself showing her everything his hometown has to offer before she cruises on down the road.
As the days pass, Rafferty finds herself charmed by the pace of life and the openhearted warmth of the residents. She’s even tempted to trust again—and it’s all thanks to Trace. He’s not the kind of guy she’s used to falling for, but he just might be the man she needs.
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Against the Wall by Jill Sorenson

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Against the Wall by Jill SorensonAgainst the Wall by Jill Sorenson
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley
Genres: Alpha Guy, Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Romance, Second Chances
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Eric Hernandez is the bad boy of every schoolgirl’s fantasies—and every mother’s nightmares. But after serving time for manslaughter, he’s ready to turn his life around. He just needs a chance to prove himself as a professional tattoo artist. The one thing that keeps him going is the memory of the innocent beauty he loved and left behind.

Meghan Young’s world isn’t as perfect as it looks. The preacher’s daughter is living a lie, especially now that Eric is back. Tougher, harder, and sexier than ever, he might be the only person she can trust. But there’s no telling what he’ll do to protect her if he learns the truth, and that’s a risk Meghan won’t let him take. And yet, back in the arms of the troubled boy with the artist’s soul, Meghan can’t help surrendering to the man he’s become.
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I’ve read a few books of Jill Sorenson’s before, and I liked both, so I went into this book fairly certain that I was going to enjoy this book as well. Part of what appealed to me about this book is that it involved the hero in the story just getting out of prison. I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to feel about him, how the author was going to handle the reintegration back into society by this young man. Plus I liked the forbidden romance aspect of it all, our hero is not suppose to be involved with our heroine, but yet they can’t seem to help it.

So first off, I want to start with Meghan. I didn’t really love her. She really is not the reason I like the book. She was remarkable self-aware, but at the same time consistently acted against her own interests. For example, when the book begins she is not a good relationship, she knows she is not in a good relationship, she is not suffering from low self-esteem, and is perfectly aware of her options, but yet stays in the bad relationship. Not for love, which I think I may have been more understanding of, but because she wants to avoid the man she does love. She’s a good friend to her best friend Kelsea, and she seems to be a rather good sister. But honestly, she drove me bananas. At the end there was more than one moment when I wanted her to just back up, and possibly bud out. She kind of sometimes dismisses our hero Eric’s feelings about his own life, and at the same time maintains a fairly naive viewpoint in how he should be handling his life situation. I don’t know, Meghan just wasn’t for me.

Eric on the other hand worked for me. Not because he was a character that I particularly loved or anything, but rather because he came off so authentic. I can’t imagine how difficult it is to grow up in the environment he did, little interaction from his parents, basically raised in a gang, and then when forced to defend himself, it results in him killing a man and going to prison. Keeping ones nose clean in prison I imagine would be difficult, trying to stay on the straight and narrow once you get out of prison, I imagine is even harder. Eric is constantly dealing with a push and pull from the people he cares about in his life as well as the old life that just wants to drag him back down. I felt for him for him every step of the way. I thought the way he was written was really great and interesting, I enjoyed book as much as I did because of him and his own personal journey.

The was some really good chemistry between Eric and Meghan and some hot scenes between them. But the emotional journeys that took place during the book is what sold me on how much I enjoyed it. This is definitely a coming of age story, and I would easily recommend it.

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About Jill Sorenson

ill Sorenson is the RITA-nominated author of more than a dozen novels, including the Aftershock series with HQN. She lives in the San Diego area with her husband and daughters.

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His Pregnant Princess Bride Release Blast!

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Bayou Billionaires #1
Catherine Mann
Releasing on February 1st, 2016 (Digital) and February 9th, 2016 (Print)
Harlequin Desire 


A princess and a Southern billionaire are expecting twins! Only from USA TODAY bestselling author Catherine Mann!
His focus is on his family’s football dynasty. Louisiana billionaire Gervais Reynaud has no time for romance. But he can’t say no to a tryst with Erika Mitras. True, she’s a princess, but in no way prim…or proper. Their time together is unbelievable…and all too short.
When Erika said goodbye, she meant it. But now she must tell Gervais the truth. He’s about to be a father…to royal twins. After leaving her overbearing family, Erika wants nothing from Gervais. But the tempting tycoon just may charm her into a future she desires all too much.
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Against the Wall Release Day Blast!

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by Jill Sorenson
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Jill Sorenson
Releasing on February 2, 2016
Fans of Katie McGarry, Simone Elkeles, and Tammara Webber will love Against the Wall! As teenagers, they fell for each other despite the odds. But now that Eric and Meghan are all grown up, they’re reunited by fierce passion and dangerous secrets.
Eric Hernandez is the bad boy of every schoolgirl’s fantasies—and every mother’s nightmares. But after serving time for manslaughter, he’s ready to turn his life around. He just needs a chance to prove himself as a professional tattoo artist. The one thing that keeps him going is the memory of the innocent beauty he loved and left behind.
Meghan Young’s world isn’t as perfect as it looks. The preacher’s daughter is living a lie, especially now that Eric is back. Tougher, harder, and sexier than ever, he might be the only person she can trust. But there’s no telling what he’ll do to protect her if he learns the truth, and that’s a risk Meghan won’t let him take. And yet, back in the arms of the troubled boy with the artist’s soul, Meghan can’t help surrendering to the man he’s become.

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Anything More Than Now by Rebecca Paula

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Anything More Than Now by Rebecca PaulaAnything More Than Now by Rebecca Paula
Series: Sutton College #2
Format: eARC
Source: Author
Genres: Alpha Guy, College, Contemporary Romance, Dark, Love to Hate, New Adult, Romance, Tattoos
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Reagan Landry is months away from college graduation, but instead of excitement, she's frozen by the fear of letting go — of her ex-boyfriend, of the comfortable life she created for herself in Portland, of the years-long search for her older sister who abandoned her as a homeless teen. When she’s finally forced to decide what's next, Reagan is met with another complication — her ex’s best friend, Noah Burke, who seems determined that she embraces what could be instead of what has been.

Drunkenly hooking up with his best friend’s ex, Reagan, is a mistake, but being secretly in love with her is so much worse when things seem one-sided. A disenchanted frat boy about to fail out of college, Noah has been living out someone else’s dream after a horrible accident five years earlier. Just when he thinks he's lost any chance he has with Reagan, she surprises him by agreeing to spend the summer together at his family's ranch in Montana.

And suddenly what started out as a complication between them becomes serious...until the past starts ripping apart their future.
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To be one hundred percent honest, I was in way shape or form prepared for this book. I don’t know why but I went in thinking, oh this is a college romance, this should be a fun hate to love situation with a side of forbidden romance, but man oh man, this book was so much more than that. This book was truly heartbreaking in more than one spot, I found myself hoping that either one of the characters would just catch a break, I mean a little ray of sunshine could go a long way for one or both of them. So while I wasn’t completely prepared for the way this book book just pulled at my emotions (and wrecked me in parts), it was a good emotional read for me, I really did like this book.

So when the book starts you meet Reagan and Noah, Reagan is a senior and Noah is a junior in college. Noah has had a thing for Reagan from the first time he looked at her, but she is soooo off limits to him, after all Reagan is the ex-girlfriend of Noah’s best friend. Honestly for me, it’s kind of like the two of them have always been at the very least attracted to each other, and in an effort to keep from acting on it, they just pick at each other. They have kind of this great hateful banter between the two of them and it just kind of works. For Reagan you can tell it is more than just not acting on it though, it’s about not letting herself get close to people, because for her, people always leave.

I loved the dynamic between these two characters, in the beginning when it was snarky and almost funny, and the middle when they were learning to really open up to each other for real, and then when they were dealing with the challenges of life. The way they talked and interacted was so unique to just them, and I loved that about them. These two had a connection that was so each to enjoy, they heat up the page, but it was more than just that, the chemistry they had was physical, they were like each others missing pieces, only they didn’t or weren’t ready to acknowledge it.

There is a lot to say about these two, they have some of the most tragic of circumstances, each in their own heartbreaking way. I could go on and on forever about how much their pasts (and honestly their pasts REALLY leak into their present in this book) are heartbreaking, but I think its best if you read about it as each character reveals their past to each other, it just works. This book put me through the emotional ringer, but in such a good way. If you want a book to wreck you in the best way possible then this is without a doubt a new adult book you should check out.
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She was nothing, then everything. That's how the minutes fell to collide into my world.(1)

About Rebecca Paula

Rebecca writes smart, emotional New Adult and historical romances featuring flawed characters struggling to find their place in the world, from Paris to Portland. She’s a lover of rainy days, an unabashed anglophile, and a devote Earl Grey tea drinker. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband and their very spoiled cat, Bella. A wanderlust connoisseur, Rebecca can be caught daydreaming about her next travel adventure when not writing.


Jan 29

How to Wrangle a Cowboy by Joanne Kennedy

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How to Wrangle a Cowboy by Joanne KennedyHow to Wrangle a Cowboy by Joanne Kennedy
Series: Cowboys of Decker Ranch #3
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley
Genres: Alpha Guy, Contemporary Romance, Cowboys, Romance, Second Chances, Small Town Romance, Western
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 photo synopsisgraphic.png
Lindsey Ward is shocked when her grandfather leaves his ranch to her, complete with a ranch foreman who's difficult and annoyingly attractive. Lindsey thinks she has no choice but to sell the ranch, but Shane Lockhart is determined to change her mind…

Shane is determined that working and living at the Ward ranch is the only way to raise his young son properly. In order to stay at the ranch he calls home, Shane will have to warm the heart of the most stubborn, appealing woman he's ever met - opening up his own heart in the process.
 photo synopsisgraphic.png

Ah cowboys, in the words of the Dixie Chicks, cowboy take me away. I love cowboys, maybe it is because I grew up in Texas and I met my husband on a farm with cows and horses, who knows, but I love em. So when this book popped up, I was ready to go. Unfortunately for me, this book just did not work for me at all.

So the number one reason why this book didn’t work for me was basically the writing style. The author often used twenty words when five would have sufficed, there was more than one point in the book where I would skip five or ten pages and still know exactly what was going on, it was like it took forever for the book to progress, making the pacing feel sometimes painfully slow. Another big problem for me was that the two main characters, Lindsey and Shane both have a thought process that reminds me a lot of a ping pong ball. I mean the jump from idea to idea in there head, in one paragraph they think one thing, and in the next they have concocted some kind of conspiracy and they think something completely irrational, then of course followed by thinking something different yet again. Look I love getting an idea in a characters thought process, but honestly the way that the author writes the POVs of the characters just makes things so disjointed that it really threw me off.

So as for the characters themselves, I liked Lindsey the most. Anytime you start a book with a funeral you know there is going to be some emotional upheaval. I did like the progression of Lindsey’s character, I liked how she came into her own in this book, especially when she decided to follow her dream of making an animal shelter. I love people who try to protect animals, so I was inherently more likely to like her just on that alone. I liked that she was tenacious and that she stood up for herself throughout the course of the book.

As for Shane. Well, to say I didn’t like him, well it would be accurate. I thought he was kind of a jerk truth be told. He loved jumping to conclusions, and doesn’t believe in talking to anyone about anything, which drove me batty. What’s worse about Shane though, at least for me, is that he always reaches for the worst in people. I really don’t like how he judges everyone so poorly, I mean I get he had a bad childhood, I get that he was a foster kid, but he’s an adult with a pretty good life now, and he has been exposed to a lot of people who have been very kind to him, so the way he is just automatically a judgmental jerk was a huge turn off.

I wanted to like this book, I really did. I just couldn’t. It wasn’t for me. Too long, slow pace, and characters that didn’t really speak to me resulted in a book that just didn’t do it for me.
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About Joanne Kennedy

A transplanted Easterner, Joanne Kennedy is the author of six contemporary Western romances published by Sourcebooks Casablanca: Cowboy Trouble, , Cowboy Fever, Tall, Dark and Cowboy, Cowboy Crazy, Cowboy Tough, and RITA finalist One Fine Cowboy. The first volume of her new series, The Cowboys of Decker Ranch, will be released in April 2014.

Joanne ran away from home to the West at the advanced age of 32 and was delighted to discover that cowboys still walk the streets of Cheyenne. Her fascination with Wyoming’s unique blend of past and present leads her to write contemporary Western romances with traditional ranch settings.

At various times, Joanne dabbled in horse training, chicken farming, and bridezilla wrangling at a department store wedding registry. Themes that have remained constant throughout her life are Jack Russell terriers, a tendency to confuse fiction with real life, and a fascination with literature that led to careers in bookselling and writing. She lives in Cheyenne, Wyoming with a Jack Russell terrier and a retired fighter pilot. The dog is relatively well-behaved.

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Destroyed by the Bad Boy Book Blast!

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Madison Collins
Releasing on January 29, 2016
This book contains two complete erotic romance novellas with no cliffhangers.
Stranded …
On the way to our parents wedding in the mountains, the mother of all snow storms attacks, leaving me stranded in a remote cabin with my new stepbrother.
My hot as hell, I-need-to-change-my-panties because-they’re-soaked, cocky asshole of a stepbrother, Bentley McAllister.
The kicker of it all?
The only items he’s packed are liquor and condoms, and he’s looking at me like he wants to put both to good use.
My name is Sierra, and my libido can only take so much.
Send help!
Caged …
Two brothers…
One girl…
Rising stars in the cage fighting circuit, Cage and Tripp Garrett are as close as two brothers can be. Fiercely competitive and smoldering with intensity, neither has ever lost a fight. Until they face their toughest opponent yet: Lily.
They both want her. But neither can have her. Lily is as off-limits as they come. They make a pact that the tough-as-nails daughter of their trainer will never come between them.
Until one of them begins to fall in love. Then all is fair in love and war.
Caged is a sexy, fast-paced love story with a punch.
Warning: Contains adult language and sexual content.


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In The Company of Wolves by Paige Tyler

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In The Company of Wolves by Paige TylerIn the Company of Wolves by Paige Tyler
Series: SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team #3
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley
Genres: Alpha Guy, Fantasy, Law Enforcement, Mob, Paranormal, Romance, Suspense, Urban Fantasy
Buy on AmazonGoodreads
 photo synopsisgraphic.png
He opened his mouth to order her to drop the MP5 she had aimed at him, but nothing would come out. It was like she’d robbed him of the ability to speak. Shooting her wasn’t an option, though. And the idea of arresting her didn’t make him feel any better.

There's a new gang of criminals in town who are organized and ruthless in the extreme. When Eric Becker, along with the rest of the Dallas SWAT team, ends up in the middle of a shootout, he immediately senses werewolves-a lot of them. Turns out, the new bad guys are a pack of wolf shifters.

In a spray of gunfire, Becker comes face-to-face with the most gorgeous woman he's ever seen. Becker does the logical thing. He hides her and leaves the scene with the rest of his team.

Jayna Winston has no idea why that SWAT guy helped her, but she's glad he did. Ever since she and her pack mates got mixed up with those Eastern European mobsters, everything had pretty much fallen apart.

So what's a street-savvy thief like Jayna going to do with a hot alpha-male wolf who's a police officer?

 photo synopsisgraphic.pngWerewolf cops, it should be the recipe for some awesomeness. This book is a stand alone in a book series about SWAT cops who just happen to be all made up of werewolves. I went into this book expecting a lot of action, and probably some sort of suspenseful plot that was going to keep me guessing. There was definitely a lot of action in this book, and some of it I enjoyed, and there was a pretty major mob plot, which definitely made things interesting, but I wasn’t a huge fan of this book.

So when the book starts we kind of are slammed into this intense raid by our SWAT wolves, one in particular, Eric, and who should he find on this outing, why Jayna, our heroine. Jayna is on the wrong side of the law, but something about her keeps Eric from taking her in, so instead he hides her. Jayna clearly captivates him so he tracks her down to try and figure out what kind of situation she is mixed up in.

Eric made this book for me, I liked him the most in this book. He’s a stand up guy, and kind of a baby wolf too. I was really surprised how little these werewolves know about being werewolves. I mean it’s not just one or two of them that don’t have all the information, it’s pretty much all of the wolves who are missing out on all the intricacies on what being a wolf means and what the different types are. Eric goes undercover into Jayna’s pack to try and figure out how to take down the mob that her pack has managed to get aligned to. He wants the best for her, and he goes out of his way to protect her pack members whenever he can, even when it puts him at risk.

As for Jayna, I was conflicted about her. I mean she’s a good person, and she is so protective of the members of her pack, except for their alpha (who is really a bad dude). She goes above and beyond to make sure the people she cares about are as well looked after as she can possibly do. There was more than one occasion when I really wanted Jayna to be more decisive, to make bolder decisions, to really stand up against the bad guys. Jayna was also so wishy-washy when it came to Eric I really wanted to just shake her.

Ultimately the reason why I didn’t love this book though was the writing style and pacing. I felt like in some sections of the book it lagged on and in others it went to fast. I think the characters in the mob made things interesting and kept the story from falling flat, but it wasn’t fantastic. I just wanted more from this book. I also didn’t think the chemistry between Jayna and Eric was all that great, especially since they were a fated match. All in all this book was okay, if you really love the author or werewolf cop books, then this might be a book you would like.
 photo synopsisgraphic.png

About Paige Tyler

Paige is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of sexy romantic suspense and paranormal romance. She graduated from The University of West Florida with a degree in education in 2000, but decided to pursue a full-
time career as a writer in 2004. Since then, she’s written over fifty books in several genres, including paranormal, contemporary, western, sci-fi and erotica. She loves writing about strong, sexy, alpha males and the feisty, independent women who fall for them. From verbal foreplay to sexual heat, her stories of romance, adventure, suspense, passion and true love will leave you breathlessly panting for more.

She and her very own military hero (also known as her husband) live on the beautiful Florida coast with their adorable fur baby (also known as their dog). Paige graduated with a degree in education, but decided to pursue her passion and write books about hunky alpha males and the kick-butt heroines who fall in love with them.

When not working on her latest book, Paige enjoys reading, jogging, P90X, Yoga, Pilates, going to the beach, watching NFL football, watching movies and hanging out with her husband (not necessarily in that order!)